Saturday, January 25, 2014





  Grandpa plays guitar and sings in the Bounce Back Band in Sun City.  The band consists of Grandpa and 5 or 6 seasoned citizens who play guitars, a base, a fiddle and a harmonica. 

  I MELVIN ZWICK am an excellent guitar player and singer.

   Melvin Zwick you are nothing but a blowhard making up stories as you type away.

     Oh yeah Grandpa what follows is true.

    Kate the lady of the Bounce Back Band mentioned to grandpa that there is a jam session at the Beatitudes every Wednesday night.  She said the program is set up by a crazy base player named Igor Glen.  

  Grandpa said he was playing folk songs at the Babaquivaries in Scottsdale in the early 6os when he met Igor.  The odds of hearing about a fellow Grandpa knew 60 years ago are not too great.  Right?

  But wait; there is more to the story.  Grandpa returned home from Band practice and went on Facebook.  The first spot was from Dolan Ellis another fellow Grandpa knew in the 60s at the Babaqiuvaries inviting all to attend his concert at the Mining Camp Restaurant..

  What are the odds of Grandpa hearing about two fellows he knew at the Babaquivaries 60 years ago.  The odds are getting larger.

  It should be noted here that spelling the word for the coffee house has always been a problem.  Grandpa never knew how to spell Babaqariaries and neither do I, MELVIN ZWICK.

  But wait there is even a more amazing happening to this story.

  Grandpa sat down at one of his Jewelry work benches and started to create a piece of jewelry.  He drops a tool on the floor and reached over to pick it up.  

   There sitting on a container of silver sprues he had cut off his castings a couple of days before was a faded yellow calling card.  Now the odds have reached epic proportions.  

   That yellow calling card was from the Baboquarvaires.  

  How did that card get there?  It appeared out of nowhere.  Grandpa never opened any book, wallet, folder or any other item that might have contained the card.     

   What are the odds that Grandpa would hear the names of two fellows he knew back in the early 60s from the Baboquivaris and have a Baboquivaris calling card show up all with in a period of 8 hours?  And now both Grandpa and I, MELVIN ZWICK, know how to spell Baboquivaris.

  The odds against that happening are extremely great.

  Grandpa took the hint and went to see Dolan at the Mining Camp restaurant.

  Great show.  A really fun great show.





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