Wednesday, December 25, 2013




   Kyle Bowes the 6 foot 5.5 inch tall Grandson of Grandpa is a very active hard working fellow. 
   He never refused work.  He has built green houses,
dog houses,

mouse traps and wood baskets for his older sister soap business.
Kyle is a wild and crazy guy.

  He is a great friend and mentor to his younger brothers Timothy, Benjamin and Joseph.
What a great bunch of brothers and sisters.  Benjamin, Kyle, Valerie (Quad sister) holding Brielle, Joseph, Victoria (Quad sister), Caroline (Quad sister) Joseph, Older sister Lydia and her husband Richie.

  He even has published a book he wrote when he was 14 years old.
   He has the greatest parents in the world, Chocolate Loving Momma and Computer Guru Daddy.  Chocolate Loving Momma takes her love for chocolate from her father and Computer Guru Daddy gets his skills from me, MELVIN ZWICK, the father of all the gremlins that infect computers.

  He was asked by his Grandmother, Meemom, to build a rock wall along their drive to their home.  This would be a wall to beat all walls.  The wall of China is only a little longer.  Well maybe a lot longer but Meemom’s wall would be VERY long.

  So a truck load of rocks was delivered and Kyle went to work.  These rocks range in size from 10 to 50 pounds.  The average size is probably around 25 pounds.

  He started on the entrance end of the drive.  The wall on this end is not very large. 
  The rocks were placed one by one than another truck load was delivered then the rocks were placed and so on.

  As the construction moved along the height grew until the wall was about 12 feet tall.

  Kyle had to pick up each rock and place it.  He would have to climb the bank while carrying a rock at a time.  Bend over and pick up a rock than climb the bank bend over and place the rock than climb back down and pick up another rock and start all over again.  Over and over again.  Bend over and pick up a rock, climb, bend over and place than climb back down.
  Months of bending over and pick up a rock, climb, bend over and
place than climb back down.  The wall got longer and higher as he went
along.  That meant more climbing.
  Just look at the size of these rocks. 
Kyle and his Grandparents
  This is an example of the large part of the rock wall.  Kyle is 6’5.5 inches tall. 
  This photo shows the location of the rock wall.  Kyle picked up, moved and placed
156 tons of rock.  If the average weight of a rock is say 25 pounds he had to bend
over, pick up a rock, carry it up the hill and place it 12,480 times.  A VW bug weight
1850 pounds.  Moving 156 tons of rock is the equivalent of lifting 168 VW bugs. 
When Kyle got done he posed for this photo.  Excuse the bare chest.



  1. Whoa, I'm like totally ripped! Okay, maybe not. I'm afraid my arms still look like spaghetti noodles compared to whoever that guy was you decapitated and put my head on. Thanks for the post, Grandpa!

  2. Nice story on the great Wall of Mossyrock. Kyle was quite the man to hang in there and finish it for us. He did a GREAT job. Meemom

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