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In my, MELVIN ZWICK, story of my visit to Mossyrock for thanksgiving 2008 I described how I used my cloak of invisibility to hide myself as I followed Grandpa to Mossyrock. In that story I, MELVIN ZWICK, described briefly how I made my cloak of invisibility.



Me, MELVIN ZWICK, partially to fully covered by my cloak of invisibility.

Some of you may wonder how I, MELVIN ZWICK, happened to meet the elderly Mystic on a Tibetan mountain that taught me how to make my cloak of invisibility.

Many of you know that I, MELVIN ZWICK, am an adventurer who always has to find a new adventure. You may also remember that I, MELVIN ZWICK, have a very active curiosity about many things.

Melvin the only adventurer nature in you is your wild imagination. You have never traveled to Tibet and never had a cloak of invisibility and the Bowes family was lucky to not have you travel with Grandpa on his visit to Mossyrock.

Well that’s what you think Grandpa. Just stand back and let me, MELVIN ZWICK, tell my story.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, always have an active mind. I am continually thinking, like for instance, how much tape is really necessary to wrap a box that will be shipped through UPS? How much toothpaste is necessary to get ones teeth clean? Does oatmeal really reduce ones cholesterol levels? How many ice cubes does it take to make Arizona sun tea cool enough to drink? How many chickens are needed to produce enough eggs for a family of nine? Which one of the Bowes Seven Arrows will grow up to be President of the United States?

Scratch the President question Melvin. One has to be a little dishonest to be a politician and the Bowes kiddos are not the least bit dishonest.

I am sure all the readers of this story could come up with a whole bunch of things to think about.

The biggest question and most difficult one for me, MELVIN ZWICK, to resolve is, “Is there a spot of land on the earth that has never been stepped on by a human.” A place where no human has ever walked.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, was discussing this subject with Grandpa one evening many years ago. I, MELVIN ZWICK, wanted his opinion on where I might find such a spot of land.

Just think about it. Is there a small spot of soil near your home that has never been trod on by a human? What about land that is between your home and the next largest city. How about land that is a little more remote. How about land that is extremely remote. How about land on the moon.

Remember when on July 20, 1969, Commander Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon? Armstrong said the historic words, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." as stepped off the Lunar Lander and became the first person to step on the moon.


Now I, MELVIN ZWICK, could step on land that has never seen a human foot print and say “ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MELVIN ZWICK” WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just visualize a remote spot of land in our country, then see if you can see a human setting foot on that spot of land.

Is it possible with all the millions of square feet of land in our country and all the millions of people who live or have lived in our country that there is some land that has never seen the bottom of a human foot?

This has been a question in my, MELVIN ZWICK’S mind ever since I was a young boy. So as a young man I have traveled the world over looking for the spots of land where no man has ever tread but without success.

Grandpa seemed to be bored with the subject but I would not let him off the hook. Grandpa would suggest a place and I, MELVIN ZWICK, after thinking about it, would find good cause to believe there was most likely a human foot prints on his suggested plot of land. I would ask for another suggestion. He finally suggested remote places in Tibet that might be a good spot to find human foot print free plots of land.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, thought that Grandpa had finally suggest the perfect spot. I immediately started planning my trip to Tibet with the expectation that I would finally find a place where my foot would be first to touch the soil.



Now I imagine you are wondering how I, MELVIN ZWICK, was able to tell if a spot of land has ever been stepped on by a human. Determining if a spot of land has been stepped on by a human is very simple for me, MELVIN ZWICK. I, MELVIN ZWICK, being a physic, can feel the foot fall of mankind on the land I trod on.

And so it was that I , MELVIN ZWICK, ended up in Tibet following my desire to be the first human to set foot on foot print free land.

Naturally Grandpa thought I, MELVIN ZWICK, was crazy.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, flew into Chendu, China on my way to Lhasa.

There are many interesting places to see while in Chendu. The Panda Breeding Research Center is a must see.

Chengdu is very well known as the worlds best Panda Breeding Research Center. The Center provides an opportunity to see these exceptionally cute animals up close and learn about China's efforts to preserve them. The pandas here live in superbly designed enclosures which has resulted in the institution being named by the United Nations as one of the 500 most humane zoos in the world.

A collection of baby pandas.

The city has a number of fine temples, among the best being the Qingyang Temple and the Wenshu Temple.

Qingyang Temple                                                       A Temple guard at the Wenshu Temple

The Chinese people believe ferocious looking temple guards scare away evil. Most of the Temples in China have fierce guard statues located in such a way to scare off evil spirits and bad people.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, took advantage of my visit to Chendu and visited the Zoo and Temples.

From Chendu I, MELVIN ZWICK, flew into Lhasa the capital of Tibet. Lhasa, has the good name of 'Sunshine City' due to ample sunlight. It lies on the central part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at an altitude of about 11,975 feet, which is one of the world's highest cities in altitude.

The cardinal landmark of Lhasa, Potala Palace, is a structure of massive portions. Its towering image already appearing on various occasions, but your first sight of the Potala will still be an awe-inspiring moment. Potala Palace is a place where you can appreciate the Tibetan culture, religion and art of architecture as wel


Potala Palace
Perched upon Marpo Ri hill, 130 meters above the Lhasa valley, the Potala Palace rises a further 170 meters and is the greatest monumental structure in all of Tibet.

Early legends concerning the rocky hill tell of a sacred cave, considered to be the dwelling place of the Bodhisattva Chenresi (Avilokiteshvara), that was used as a meditation retreat by Emperor Songtsen Gampo in the seventh century AD

Songtsen Gampo built a palace on the hill. This structure stood until the seventeenth century, when it was incorporated into the foundations of the greater buildings still standing today. Construction of the present palace began in 1645 during the reign of the fifth Dalai Lama and by 1648 the Potrang Karpo, or White Palace, was completed. The Potrang Marpo, or Red Palace, was added between 1690 and 1694; its construction required the labors of more than 7000 workers and 1500 artists and craftsman. In 1922 the 13th Dalai Lama renovated many chapels and assembly halls in the White Palace and added two stories to the Red Palace. The Potala Palace was only slightly damaged during the Tibetan uprising against the invading Chinese in 1959. Unlike most other Tibetan religious structures, it was not sacked by the Red Guards during the 1960s and 1970s, apparently through the personal intervention of Chou En Lai. As a result, all the chapels and their artifacts are very well preserved.

This is a photo of the details of construction of. Potala Palace. What a beautiful place.


Some of the local children dressed in traditional Tibetan clothes.

This is the very colorful flag of Tibet. It matches the colorfulness of the Tibetan people.

I enjoyed wandering the streets of Lhasa. The people and the temples and buildings were fascinating.




One day on my wandering I came face to face with a very large dog. He was so big I felt he could take my head in his mouth and take it with one bite. Being a person who loves dogs I, MELVIN ZWICK, reached out a hand to let him smell. He would have none if that. He laidback his ears and growled and slowly approached me. I remember reading somewhere that one should not look a dog in the eyes so I diverted my eyes to the ground and slowly backed up. He slowly followed me still growling. After a few steps I backed into a knee high wall. Now what should I do. To turn around and step up on the wall would invite a charge by this massive dog. I did what I thought might save my head. I sat down on the wall and started humming lullabies. I placed my up turned hand in front of me. I could see him out of the top of my vision. He stopped growling and started cocking his head side to side. It appeared the lullabies coming from an opponent was puzzling him.

After a while he slowly moved towards me. He reached forward and sniffed my upturned hand. I kept humming the lullabies. He slowly came forward and moved his nose against my ear. He sniffed my ear then sat down next to me. He quit growling and I could see out of the corner of my eyes he ears were picked up. He started licking my face. I slowly reached my hand to his forehead between his ears and started scratching his big head. From that point on we were good buddies.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, took these pictures of my new friend.

I was sitting there and petting this massive dog when a Tibetan man with another massive dog approached. I was puzzled when he looked at me in amazement. He spoke in broken English and explained to me that the dog was his. He was amazed that his dog, who had never befriended a stranger before, was laying at my feet as I petted him. The fellow told me that his dog, named Llashaquen, had chased away a stranger from his home this morning. The fellow said he was out searching for his dog when he ran into us. I responded that I could not pronounce his name so I would call him Big Dog.


I, MELVIN ZWICK, had the fellow take this picture of me, MELVIN ZWICK, and another of his dogs. It shows how big Tibetan Dogs are.

The fellow explained that the dogs of Tibet are known for their fearlessness.

He said the Tibet Dog is the most aggressive dog in the world. Its body weight is 70 kg, with a length of four feet and height over two feet.
It has very sharp hearing and sight. Its front foot has 5 claws and the back foot has 4 claws. The dog's teeth are very sharp. The Tibet Dog is the only dog who dares to fight with big animals like a Leopard or three wolfs and win the fight. No wonder the Tibet Dog has the reputation as the "Goddess Dog".
He said on the world dog market, the price of an adult Tibet dog in US Dollar $40,000-50,000.
A baby Tibet Dog is worth $5,000 - 10,000.
Tibet Dogs are the most faithful guard for its owner on the Tibetan Plateau. Tibetan people love and respect their dogs very much. They would never hurt any wild dogs.
The Tibet Dog is caution to strangers. When you meet it in Tibet, be careful not to touch it without the control of its owner.

   The fellow, who I learned was named Katun, sat down next to me. He asked me why a strange like me was wandering the streets of Lhasa.

I explained I was searching for a spot of land where no man had ever tread. He looked at me as if I was a little crazy but explained there might be a place like that in Tibet.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, said I was finding it difficult to find someone who could speak English. Katun saw in me, MELVIN ZWICK, a person in need help so he invited me to stay in his home as a guest. And so it was I, MELVIN ZWICK, became a guest of a very generous family who took me under their wing.

During my visit with Katun and his family I, MELVIN ZWICK, became very good buddies with their dog Llashaquen. We played ball often. However playing ball with Llashaquen was not like playing ball with a normal dog. The ball Llashaquen and I played with was a succor ball. The ball had to be that big because he would swallow any smaller ball.

It would be sort of like when you are chewing a hamburger and you find a small bone. Your know that bone is somewhere in your mouth but you just can’t find it.

This is the Tibetan family I, MELVIN ZWICK, lived with while in Tibet.

Katun, seated on the right and his wife standing on the left and their three children. The lady second from the left was a neighbor who was visiting Katun and his family on the day I, MELVIN ZWICK, took this picture.

No mater how hard I, MELVIN ZWICK, tried to take a photograph of the family all I got was this black and white one. They were concerned that a color photo might steal their soul. They also felt that to smile might cause evil to enter their soul. Tibetan people laugh and smile all the time as long as a camera is not in their presents.

The children would tease me, MELVIN ZWICK, about my white skin.

Tibetan people have dark skin because of the sunny days and the altitude of Lhasa.

You might notice the windows which are not really windows. They are boards painted to look like windows. They cover their windows with these boards to keep the cold out of their houses.

The following photos show some of the Tibetan people in their natural surroundings. Sure don’t look like very happy people. They really are very happy people joking and playing tricks on each other.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, learned the local language while living with this family. They were a very hospitable, friendly and happy family. They shared their life with me. They really enjoyed hearing about my adventures in America as I really enjoyed hearing storied about Tibetan culture.

One thing most kids would like about Tibet is the fact there are no vegetables. The altitude is too high for vegetables to grow. Well maybe they might not like the no vegetable rule totally. There was no corn or potatoes. I, MELVIN ZWICK, really missed a bake potato with lots of butter and sour cream.




I, MELVIN ZWICK, might have been missing Grandpa’s grandkids a little. The above kids look somewhat like his Grand kids.

Tibetan people are dressed in very colorful clothes similar to the clothes shown in the picture.

Here is a picture of several Tibetan boys practicing a dance to celebrate the barley harvest.

The traditional Tibetan food was a little difficult to get used to even for me, MELVIN ZWICK, who has eaten around the world.

Traditional Tibetan food consist mainly of barley, meat and dairy products. Vegetables are scarce in the high altitude. Tsampa is the staple food of Tibetan people, which is consumed daily. It is actually barley flour made from parched barley, un-husked and ground into fine flour. They Put some barley flour with salted butter tea in a bowl. They rotate the bowl with the left hand and mix the food with the fingers of their right hand, then roll it into small lumps. They then squeeze it into their mouth with their fingers. Other ingredients may also be added to add flavor. Tibetan people eat Tsampa at every meal and bring it as instant food in travel.

The main types of food in the winter are beef and mutton which is cut into long stripes to be air-dried in the circular ground caves or bins walled with stones or dung. Dried beef and mutton keep better and longer, as the bacteria in them are killed during the drying process in deep winter. Dried meat also packs well. In the next year, the dried meat will be Bar-B-Qed or be eaten raw.

Big chucks of fresh meat are boiled in a pot on a small portable stove shown above.

Salt, ginger, spices are added. The meat is served when it changes color. People take the meat by hands and cut them with their carried knives. The breasts and spareribs are for the guests. The tails of white sheep are for the guests of honor. If a young man is treated with a tail of white sheep in his girl friend's house, it implies that he can hope.

The salted butter tea is an indispensable Tsampa pal. Boiled tea is poured into a long cylindrical churn along with salt and yak butter. Yak butter is made from yak milk. Vigorous churning makes the ingredients well blended and ready to serve. Tibetan people drink it throughout the whole day. Yak butter is very important food for Tibetan people and it is separated from yak milk by hard churning. After butter is separated from milk, the residue becomes sour and can be made into milk curd which is a nice thirst quenchable and can be made into milk curd pastry with barley flour. Sounds sort of yucky but it does taste very good once you get used to it.


Once I, MELVIN ZWICK, had learned the language I started to ask around for where there was remote land that might not have seen a human foot fall. I, MELVIN ZWICK, was directed to a trail that had been walked on by humans ever since there were people on this land. I, MELVIN ZWICK, was told to walk on that trail for about five days then walk due West. There would be a flat top mountain about three days walk away. My Tibetan friends said there were ancient tales that told of a terrible fire that emanated from the mountain. The people felt the mountain was haunted by mystic spirit that threw fire balls. Because of the tales of the Mystic spirit on the Mystic mountain no one ever walked on it.

It came time to leave and head down the trail. My friends expressed their concern about me, MELVIN ZWICK, before I was ready to leave They said the trail was frequented by bandits who steal a fee from the yak herders. The bandits normally would not kill you but might leave you days from help with no supplies.

There was also the problem with wolf packs. They attacked wary travelers at night. I solved the potential wolf problem by packing lots of fireworks. As a kid I, MELVIN ZWICK, always enjoyed a fireworks display so I packed enough fireworks to have a glorious night time display plus enough big firecrackers to scare the marauding wolves away. The people of Tibet love fireworks. It was easy to buy a large box of assorted fireworks

The trail my friends told me about was used by nomad yak herders that used the trail to transport their wares to Lhasa.

As you know yaks eat grass right down to the soil. Because of this nature of yaks the natives herders of this area in Tibet have to continually find land that provides grass for their hungry yaks.

It was with my, MELVIN ZWICK’S physic ability that I could feel the foot fall of generations of yak herders along this trail.

Before I, MELVIN ZWICK, left on my search for un-trod land I packed up several yaks with eight weeks of supplies, and miscellaneous Tibetan things and necessary camping gear.

These are the three Yaks that joined me, MELVIN ZWICK, on my journey to the Mystic Mountain. They had Tibetan names but I, MELVIN ZWICK, renamed them Five, Three and Six. Five is on the left standing next to Three with Six in the background. You ask why I named them Three, Five and Six. A puzzle for you. The answer is in the picture.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, would be eating lots of Tsampa and dried meat during my hike. I, MELVIN ZWICK, knew that it would be a very lonely trip but it would be well worth it. Finding land that no man had trod on would be my goal.

I stated out one morning after bidding goodbye to my Tibetan family.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, would walk all day then in the late afternoon I would set up camp. A quick meal of Tsampa and dried meat then an entertaining fireworks display then it was off to bed.

The first night I was awoken at 11:00 by the howling of a pack of wolves. From the sound of their howling it was obvious the had me surrounded and were moving in on me. Within a few minutes they approach my camp. I set off a few large firecrackers and my camp was free from wolves for the rest of the night.

The firecrackers would provide me entertainment and keep the wolves away while on the lonesome trek to Mystic Mountain.

I was joined by this fellow early on my trip. I fed him some barley the first night he came into my camp. The next morning he was back for another handful of barley.

He would be with me the rest of my trip. After he had been with me for a couple of days I felt I needed to name him. So he became Charlie.

He became my watch dog. When ever the wolves got too close he would start barking in his high pitch voice. It was then I would unpack a few firecrackers and set them off. The wolves would scatter and Charlie would bury himself as deep as he could in my camping gear.

Charlie would snuggle next to me when I laid down to sleep but he was always alert to wolves.

This was one of the birds that I, MELVIN ZWICK, saw on the trail. They loved barley also. They reminded me of the temple guards I had seen in Lhasa.

One day on the trail this group passed by. They must have been an escort for some one very important. Most of the fellows on horseback carried weapons.



On the third day on the trail I was approached by three strangers. The strangers were shaggy looking with dirty clothes.
One fellow was short and thin and dressed in a dark shirt with a red blanket over his left shoulder. He seemed to be the leader of the group. The second fellow was a big muscular hunk of a man wearing a white shirt.

The third fellow was tall and slender.

These might be the bandits my friends had warned me about. I was wary of them but offered to share some of my meal. At first they seemed to be friendly but I noticed they were glancing at my supplies and yaks. I felt they were judging how much they could steal from me.

We talked in English of the Mystic mountain in Tibetan lore. They recounted the legend of the mountain spitting a tremendous fire and smoke. The also told of Mystic spirits that lived there now. When I told them I was headed to that mountain to talk to the spirits they shivered and shook their heads. They told me I was crazy.

After we ate our dinner the talk ended. It was then I, MELVIN ZWICK, felt they were about to make a move on me.

I noticed that Charlie must have suspected something was about to happen. He had been close to me during the strangers visit. But when the conversation slowed he moved away some distance and started his high pitch barking.

Charlie and I were right. The fellows decided to move on me. They made several mistakes they would live to regret that night.

Every now and then they would converse in the native language. That was their first mistake. They assumed I could not understand them as they talked about stealing my gear. Thank goodness my friends had taught me how speak and understand the Tibetan language.

After the meal the strangers said they must move on. We stood up. I knew from their conversions in their native tongue they planed on taking all my gear and leave me to the wolves. They must have determined I, MELVIN ZWICK, was not much of a match for the three of them. Not only that they must have though if I was loony enough to go to the Mystic mountain I didn’t deserve to live. That was their second big mistake.

Fighting three individuals would be difficult. They planned on having the big guy hold me. That was their third mistake. By holding me he would be occupied and would leave my legs free. I would have to work against two of them with my feet. I could escape from the fellow holding me when ever I wanted to take him out.

I casually moved so the biggest fellow could grab me from behind which he did.

The tall fellow started to rummage through my gear.

The leader with the black shirt and blanket on his shoulder laughed and said they were going to take all my gear and yaks and leave me here with no supplies. He said because I was a foreigner in his land I deserved to be left without supplies so the wolves could visit me in the evening. He also stated that I probably would not make it back as the wolves would get me.

He then made their fourth mistake by moving in close to me. As he moved within the range of my legs he threw a punch which I ducked as I kicked him in the groin. He let out a scream of agonizing pain and slumped down on one knee. I kicked him in the throat. He went down in slow motion with a crushed wind pipe like a tree that is felled in the forest by a logger. His future of robbing people and leaving them to the wolves ended that night.

I kicked the side edge of my boot into the knee of the fellow holding me then slid the boot down to stomped on his foot. He yelled out with a loud shout of pain and let me go. I turned and punched him twice in rapid succession in the solar plexus. He gasp for breath as he slumped over. I stepped aside and hit him on the back of the neck with the edge of my hand. That same strike is capable of smashing through a stack of bricks. The strike did the same to his neck. He would not be bothering anyone in the future.

Little did I ever realize that I would ever use the martial training I had learned from a Tibetan Monk while in a dojo in San Francisco. Tibetan martial skills against some bad Tibetan fellows in Tibet. Amazing.

The third fellow dropped all the stuff he was holding and drew out a long knife he had in a sheath on his belt. He made their fifth mistake when he raised the knife high above his head and tried to slash it down into my chest. I stepped to the side of his charge and placed both my hands on his knife hand and forced him to continue his downward slash till the knife buried itself into his mid section. He would join his two partners and never bother anyone in the future.

I drug the three fellows out some distance from my camp. I, MELVIN ZWICK, felt I would not have to set off any fireworks to chase away the wolves that night. They probably would be visiting the three bandits.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, did remove the red blanket off the leaders shoulder. I felt I would get better use of it as I traveled to the magic mountain.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, felt a little sorry for the bandits but I remembered they had planned on leaving me to the wolves without supplies. Now they would be the main attraction for the wolves that night.

My buddy Charlie observed the whole action from a safe distance. When all things were quiet again he came up to me and started begging for some barley.

There was a lot of traffic going both ways on the traders trail carrying all sorts of goods. All passed without incident. They surely didn’t realize that at least one trio of bandits would not be bothering them.

After several days on the trail I spotted the flat topped mountain my friends had told me about to the North of the trail. It was towards this mountain I, MELVIN ZWICK, my friend Charlie and my trusty yaks 3, 5 and 6 loaded with supplies headed.

The mountain looked close. But I, MELVIN ZWICK, soon learned that distance in this country is difficult to determine. I, MELVIN ZWICK, walked for two days but the mountain seemed no closer than when I started the trip.

I sensed human foot prints as I walked into this desolate land. However the feeling of human foot prints seemed to get less as I got closer to the mountain.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, also felt I was being trailed. I noted there was two fellows about half a day behind me. I examined them with my 50X20 binoculars. They appeared to be typical Tibetan thugs similar to the ones that had entered my camp earlier.

Why would thugs be following me, MELVIN ZWICK? Maybe it was because of the rumor started in Lhasa that I, a foreigner, was going to the Mystic Mountain in search of a treasure. The treasure must be of great value for me to challenge the MYSTIC MOUNTAIN SPIRIT. They would probably follow me until their fear of the Mountain made them stop. Were these fellows following me with the expectation that I was going to find something of great value that they might steal as I, MELVIN ZWICK, made my way back to Lhasa?

Regardless of their reason for following me these fellows must be halted. As I continued my trek on to Mystic mountain I started planning on how I would stop them. I, MELVIN ZWICK, didn’t want to harm them but only to scare them off my trail. I, knew the Tibetans feared the mountain because of the spirits they believed resided there. With a little bit of preparation I could disguise myself as a MYSTIC MOUNTAIN SPIRIT and give them one mighty scare.

All I needed was a place to hide my yaks while I prepared my disguise. I found a cave that would hide my yaks and provide me a space to prepare my disguise.

What could I use to turn myself into the MYSTIC MOUNTAIN SPIRIT?

I could make use of the gunpowder in the fireworks as part of a disguise I was planning.

I sprinkled gunpowder on the tightly woven red rug I appropriated from the bandit. I then rolled the rug up tightly. I cut off a long section of the rug and made a hat out of it. The remaining portion of the rug was cut into two short sections with which I made arm wraps that would project out from my arms.

I coated my face and hands with blue water color paint I just happened to have with me. I found the water color set in a small out of the way stall in Lhasa. It came in the most finely carved ivory box I had ever seen. With my love of ivory I, MELVIN ZWICK, just had to have it.

I placed the rug with gun powder on my head and arms.

I had bought several Tibetan dance costume parts while in Lhasa. I slipped into those clothes. I looked like mountain spirit on a painting I had seen in Lhasa.

This is what I, MELVIN ZWICK, looked like once I finished decorating myself. It was enough to scare even me.

I needed something to make my disguise more believable. To do this I wrapped gunpowder from the fireworks in my supplies and small pebbles into small packets. When thrown these packets would explode when they hit something. The pebbles in the pouch would smash into the gunpowder and cause the powder to explode. That was a little trick I had learned as a kid.

As the expected fellows approached me I placed some glowing embers in front of me.

I was now ready to scare the devil out of those fellows who though they might rob me. If all went as I, MELVIN ZWICK, planned, those fellows would high tail it back to Lhasa with a tale of how they almost were eaten by the evil MYSTIC MOUNTAIN SPIRIT.

As the fellows got closer I lit the gunpowder in my head dress and arm dressings. The gunpowder started spitting sparks out of the tightly wound rug. I, the MYSTIC MOUNTAIN SPIRIT, while jumping up and down with fire spouting from my headdress and arm dressing said in Tibetan, “Nice of you fellows to come to my home in the MYSTIC MOUNTAIN as an offering for my dinner. I have no need for an additional dinner right now as the fellow that preceded you was very filling. But I, the MYSTIC MOUNTAIN SPIRIT will need something for breakfast so come and join me.”

Their eyes grew as big as the Tibetan moon. They backed up without saying a word. One fellow pointed an old rifle at me. I the MYSTIC MOUNTAIN SPIRIT replied to his threat by saying, “How dare you threaten the MYSTIC MOUNTAIN SPIRIT?” With that I threw one of my gunpowder pouches at him. When it hit him it exploded. He was so shocked he dropped his rifle and froze.

I said, “You are denying me your presents? You will not join me for breakfast? I the MYSTIC MOUNTAIN SPIRIT will teach you to ignore me.”

I threw another of the gunpowder pouches at them. When the pouch hit the ground near them the pebbles in the sack snapped the gunpowder and set it off in a loud explosion. I threw some gunpowder on the glowing embers in front of me which flashed into a mountain of flame. To them the flash would look like the ground was belching fire.

Those fellows turned around and were off running in the direction they had just come from. I threw a few more fire pouches at them and gunpowder into the embers. I, the MYSTIC MOUNTAIN SPIRIT, yelled after them, “Come back. You fellows would be great guests at my breakfast table.”

Those fellows will help perpetuate the legend of the MYSTICAL MOUNTAIN SPIRIT when they arrived back at Lhasa.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, wondered if I would run into a real MYSTIC MOUNTAIN SPIRIT. If so he might punish me for putting on the disguise and pretending to be him.



I washed off the blue paint and removed the Tibetan clothes and repacked them.

My adventuresome personality said I should go on and see if there was a real Mountain Spirit.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, felt the supplies I carried would allow me to spend another 20 days on the trail before I would have to turn around and head back to the yak trail and Lhasa.

Three days later I, MELVIN ZWICK, reached the base of the mountain.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, felt the presents on only one human at this point. This left me with the feeling I would not find untouched land here.

I was beginning to think Grandpa sent me to Tibet to get rid of me.

So I, MELVIN ZWICK, started to turn around when I had a compelling feeling I should at least climb to the top of the mountain. Maybe I would find the person who had left his foot prints on the base of the mountain. I tried to shake the feeling but every time I would turn to go the feeling became stronger. What was it that was calling me to the top of the mountain. Maybe if I climbed to the top of the mountain I, MELVIN ZWICK, might meet the MYSTIC MOUNTAIN SPIRIT I had heard about. Charlie who had warned me of danger when ever we came upon it did not seem to be concerned about being on the base of the Mystic Mountain.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, had to follow the calling. I, MELVIN ZWICK, started up that massive mountain with the flat top. Three days later I, MELVIN ZWICK, with my yaks, three, five and six and Charlie reached the top of the flat Mystic Mountain. I was amazed when I looked over the edge of the mountain.

The top of the mountain where I, MELVIN ZWICK thought would be a flat plain was actually a deeply depressed area. Even more amazing was the whole hollowed out part of the mountain was covered with trees. It was amazing to see trees this high in elevation. I notices something far off in the distance in the bottom of the hollow.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, trained my binoculars on a building. I was amazed to see a small building with a thin wisp of smoke coming from a chimney. There was cultivated land, sheep, yaks and several cows in pens around the building. There was a lake with ducks on it. There was a windmill. There was a bigger building next to the house that might be a barn.

Someone was living there and cultivating the land. But who? I, MELVIN ZWICK, had to find the answer to that question.


It came to me that this mountain must have been an active volcano some time in the distance past. The legend of the mountain emanating fire must have been when this volcano blew its top and left this massive caldera.

The mountain must have become an inactive volcano which allowed someone to move in and set up a farm and home.

This is a picture I, MELVIN ZWICK, took with the telephoto lens on my camera. It is the sheep flock of who ever lived in the valley.

That evening I, MELVIN ZWICK, made camp at the edge of the caldera. I thought it might be best to start the hike down into the caldera first thing in the morning.

I awoke the next morning to the sound of birds. I realized that I had not heard a bird call since I started my walk many days ago.

I. MELVIN ZWICK, ate a hearty breakfast of dried meat, the origin of which I did not know and some barley. With some heavy duty concentration I convinced myself I was eating a nice steak with a baked potato and sour cream.

Then it was time to start the trip to the farm house in the valley of the caldera. I, MELVIN ZWICK, estimated it would take the better part of two days to reach the valley.

The sun was blotted out by the heavy canopy of the trees. Only filtered light hit the forest floor. I started down into the caldera. After about an hour of walking I ended up back at the edge of the caldera. It became obvious that without the sun to use as a beacon to give me direction I had drifted to the right and ended up walking in a half circle down and back up. I, MELVIN ZWICK, was reminded from my Boy Scout training that all of us have a tendency to drift to one side or the other unless we have something to guide us.

The battery in my GPS had died while it was in my pocket. The portable solar panel would recharge it but that would take time. So it was sit here for several hours while the sun recharged or figure another way to walk in the forest in a straight line.

Then I another trick I had learned in the Boy Scouts. When wanting to walk a straight line in thick forest start out by picking an object ahead that is on the line one wishes to walk. Walk to it. Next draw an imaginary line between the previous spot and the current spot. Project that line ahead to an object as far off as possible. Walk to that spot and then repeat the process. By doing this one will walk in a straight line. One can not walk rapidly but at least one walks in a straight line.

Now it would be an easy walk to the home in the valley. I, MELVIN ZWICK, started again.

It took me the best part of a day using this trail finding method to reach the next obstacle in the way of ending my journey to the farm house.

There was a narrow stream blocking the way to the valley. It was not too wide and was not flowing with any strength. It should have been an easy walk to get to the other side. All it would require would be wet boots. That’s what I, MELVIN ZWICK, thought.

There was some mud that extending about 30 feet out from the edge of the stream. It looked like I, MELVIN ZWICK, would get wet and muddy shoes before I completed my travel to the valley.

I started to enter the mud. After taking a few steps I realized the mud was extremely sticky and getting deeper with each step. The mud was making it more difficult to walk with each step I took. I backed out and cut a long chute of bamboo from the plants on the edge of the stream. I poked it into the mud further and further towards the stream. The mud was getting deeper and deeper as I poked nearer the stream. It was obvious with the difficulty I had in walking in 2 inches of mud I would not be able to walk at all in the deeper mud nearer the stream.

Now what? I, MELVIN ZWICK, had come this far and was now facing a new obstacle that might prevent me from reaching the valley.

My first though was to walk along the stream and find a crossing without mud. I soon discovered there was nothing but mud several hundred yards in either direction. It appeared I, MELVIN ZWICK, would have to find another way to cross the mud and stream.

I remembered many years ago when I was in the Army Corp of Engineers of building a foot bridge out of poles to cross a river. Could I build a walkway over the mud? There was a lot of large bamboo growing along the stream. I could cut down some bamboo poles and make a walkway but how would I lash them together?

I had several hundred feet of parachute rope. I would have to use up all the rope to make a walkway. Then I remembered a lesson Lee Kelley taught me while on one of our desert survival trips. Parachute rope consists of seven very strong cords covered by a nylon cover. I, MELVIN ZWICK, could strip the cover of enough rope to give me enough cords to tie bamboo together to make a walkway.

I cut down enough bamboo poles to make a walkway 60 feet long and two feet wide. I needed a walkway 30 feet long on either side of the stream. I stripped enough rope to give the amount of cord I would need to build the walkway.

I spent the rest of the day building two 30 foot long walkways.

The next morning I placed one walkway between the solid soil and the stream. I carried the second walkway across the first walkway. The bed of the stream was solid rocks. I placed the second walkway on the other side of the stream between the steam and the solid soil.

Now the question was, would the walkways support the yaks as they crossed the sticky mud without sinking in. The only way to know for sure was to try to cross the walkway with a yak. If the foot bridge sunk into the mud I. MELVIN ZWICK, would have to find another way to cross the mud or return home without visiting the valley.

I carefully led the smallest yak on to the walkway. The walkway did not sink into the sticky mud. We crossed without a problem. Apparently the mud was thick enough to support the wide walkway. I tied the yak to a bamboo stalk and went back for the other animals. Charlie rode over the bridge on the back of the second yak. He was not to be left behind. In two hours all my animals and I were on the other side of the stream. Another problem solved.

We took up our trail blazing technique of traveling in a thick forest and was on our way.

As we walked my thoughts traveled back on our trip so far. We had faced bandits on the road then bandits following me then the problem of traversing the thick forest then the mud. It came to me that things ones learns in the past may come in helpful later in life. It points out that one should learn as much as possible through out their life.

The woods seemed to be full of all sort of living creatures. I saw many squirrels, deer’s and crows. I was surprised when I realized I had never seen or heard a wolf since entering the caldera. Maybe that was why there were so many animals in the forest.

However there was another obstacle for me, MELVIN ZWICK, to overcome before I reached the valley.

I had walked for another part of a day when I came upon s shear cliff. Standing on the edge of the cliff I looked down about 20 feet. The cliff wall was smooth without any hand holds or cracks. The cliff presented a puzzle. How could the animals down in the valley get there. They would have had to come over the caldera edge. There must be a trail that allowed them down the cliff and into the valley.

So where was that trail. I studied the cliff in both directions with my binoculars. There was nothing but shear rock surface. It would take me days to walk the entire edge of the cliff looking for a trail. There was nothing to do but to study the options I had.

It was lunch time so I broke out the dried meat and sat down on a rock near the cliff and started to weigh the options.

The least acceptable option was to turn around and head back to Lhasa and home. After all the main purpose of my trip was to find soil never walked on by humans. It was obvious I would not meat that goal as someone had tread the ground in this area. But then my curiosity was heated up. I had to meet the fellow who inhabited the valley. Tuning back was not an option.

I could lower myself down the cliff and visit the valleys stranger. The problem with that option was I would have to leave my yaks on top of the cliff. They might not be found when I wanted to return to Lhasa. That plan would not work.

While I was searching for other options I noticed very large tree that grew out at an angle over the edge of the cliff. There was a large vertical branch on the tree trunk. It was located on the trunk about 10 feet from the edge of the cliff.. The appearance of the tree reminded me of a large crane.

That was it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could use the tree as a crane and lower myself and yaks over the edge of the cliff on to the lower floor.

I had plenty of parachute cord. I shinnied out to the vertical branch and placed a rug over the trunk of the tree on the far side of the branch. I layered the parachute rope over the trunk on top of the rug. The rug would prevent the rope from abrading on the tree trunk.

I made a lifting harness for the yaks. Each yak was picked up and swung out off the cliff and lowered to the lower floor.

We continued on our walk to the farm house.



I arrived at the edge of the woods near the cultivated land near the farm house. I would attempt to meet the person who lived there in the morning. It felt very good to relax after the stressful day I had.

In the morning I awoke very rested and anxious to meet the person who inhabited this beautiful valley. The smell of frying eggs and bacon came drifting through the air. I realized I had become very tired of eating Tsampa and dried sheep and yak meat. Eggs and bacon would be a treat.

I left my gear and yaks and walked to the house. I yelled out “hello” and “is anyone home” in the native tongue. Almost immediately a fellow with long raven black hair and black beard and a very big grin on his face appeared in the doorway of the house. He appeared to be about 30 years old. He about 5 feet 8 inches tall and was wearing leather pants and shirt.

He welcomed me in the native tongue. The sign on the door written in the Tibetan language said hello.

He said he had been waiting for me for years. He knew I had reached the top of the caldera even though he had not seen me. He must have read my mind as the next thing he said was he had seen me every day in his dreams for many years.

He seemed glad to see me. He introduced himself to me a Gisinghangoju. He knew my name before I had a chance to say what it was. He said there was no Tibetan word for my name, MELVIN ZWICK, so he would call me which translates as La. He said that was the closest to the name of my friend Grandpa. I told him I, MELVIN ZWICK, was having a difficult time saying Gisinghangoju so in the future I would simplify it and call him Sam. We both had a laugh at our new names.

As we talked it became apparent to me he knew what I was going to say and what I was thinking long before I could express myself. We bonded immediately. It was as if we had grown up together.

As we ate breakfast I, LA formally known as MELVIN ZWICK, learned that as a young man he had the same urge as I did, to walk on territory that no man had ever set foot on. I told him that was why I was here. Gisinghangoju now known as Sam said he knew that. He said he had been the first human to set foot in this valley and expressed his sorrow that I, LA, would not satisfy my dream of standing on soil which was foot fall free. He stated that he had been the first human to step in this valley.

He explained his mother and father were killed, when he was fourteen years old, by bandits on the yak trail around Lhasa. This left him to fend for himself as he had no other relatives. For a while he begged on the streets of Lhasa. That did not last too long. Sam said his pride stood in the way of his making a living while begging on the streets. Eventually he was able to appropriate a yak and a good supply of barley. He decided he would travel to the mystic mountain and converse with the frightening mystics that lived there. He would either gain their knowledge or die trying. He felt he had nothing to lose.

I mentioned my confrontation with the three bandits while I was on the trail outside of Lhasa. I described the techniques I used to defend myself. He laughed and said I would leave with techniques far superior to the ones used on those fellows.

He left his home in Lhasa as a young man and walked to this mystery mountain with the expectation he would be the first to set foot on its land. When Sam arrived near the mountain with the flat top he realized there had never been a human footprint on the mountain.

He had climbed over the edge of the caldera and looked down into the forest and the clearing several miles away. Sam said he had to see the valley. Once down in the valley Sam found a flock of sheep, several yaks, a bull and several cows and a calf a bunch of pigs and pigglets with some ducks on the pond and chickens roosting in the tall grass. There was barley growing wild on the planes. There was everything Sam needed to support his life. However there were no mystics there. The folk tales he had heard about dangerous spirits living on the mountain were not true.

Having no family he knew he would spend the rest of his life in this beautiful, peaceful valley surrounded by the most magnificent forest he had ever seen. In fact it was the first forest he had ever seen. Lhasa is not know for its forests. If fact there are no trees in Lhasa.

Sam said he arrived in the valley sixty three years ago. I, La, was amazed when Sam told me that. He looked no older than 30 and yet he was at least 80 years old.

He said for thirty years he knew a foreigner would come to visit him. Almost immediately he asked me to spend some time with him. He said he could teach me much about life and the world around us. It became obvious to me, LA, that my goal of stepping on soil un-trodden by humans could wait. This fellow had so much to teach me. I accepted his invitation without hesitation.

He said there were only a couple of conditions I must meet if I wished to stay in the valley. I could not take any pictures. Absolutely no pictures. I could not tell anyone exactly where I had been once I went back to society. I could not get near the sheep as they held a secret I was not to know until I could understand. To these terms I agreed and I started my 15 years in the caldera.

What an adventure I was to experience.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, now known as LA learned so many things from this old wizard all of which I am not able to talk about.

I spent the first ten years with this man working on his farm. I built a small house to live in.

I, LA, learned how to control hunger and pain and to read minds. Sam and I would spend hours playing the mind reading game. We would try to prevent the other from reading our minds. Sam was much better at blocking his thoughts from me then I was from him.

I learned to move small things with the power of my mind. Sam and I, LA, would place an egg at the center of the table. The object of the game was to move the egg until it fell into the others lap using only our minds. I ended up with a lot of eggs in my lap.

Sam was a master of karate, kung fu and tai chi. He had taught himself the techniques of these martial arts while he lived in the valley. We would spend about an hour every day sparing. I thought that I, LA, being a black belt, was very skilled. At first my skill proved no match for Sam’s excellent skill. In time with his training I became more of a challenge. However just as I though I was equal to Sam he would use a new technique on me.

I learned that the area has a majority of sunny days year around. The temperature was consistent thought out the year. The crops we planted grew all year long. It rained just enough to irrigate the crops and supply water to the well.

There was no electricity so when it got dark there was nothing to do but sit by the fire or go to sleep. For once in my, MELVIN ZWICK, life since I was a kid I slept 8 hours every night.

After living there for a little over ten years Sam decided I was ready for the secret of the sheep.

After breakfast Sam took me down to the sheep pasture. He would not tell me what their secret was. He just grin and fell silent.

We sat down on a log and he called the sheep. Sure enough they came to him. The big ram came first. Sam still did not talk. I was getting anxious. I could not sense anything from his mind. What secret could the sheep hold? Sam ran a brush on the rams wool. As soon as he did that portion of the ram disappeared. He brushed another spot and that portion of the ram disappeared. What trick was Sam pulling on me. How were my eyes being tricked to think part of the sheep was actually disappearing?

Sam finally spoke up and explained the secret of the sheep. He said their wool had a magical power. When the hairs of the wool was viewed from one side the hair everything behind the hair disappear. He took off his shawl and unfolded it and swung it over his body. He immediately disappeared. Sam was no longer there. I could hear him talking but from where? He explained he had taken the sheep’s wool and woven each hair in such a manner that all were orientated so that when the shawl was placed over the body with the invisible hairs on the outside the body under it would disappear. He swung the shawl again and there he was covered with the shawl. He swung it again and he was gone.

Sam said the exposure of the cloak of invisibility was enough for me, LA, to absorb in one day. We would talk about it at a later date.

He said it was time to do a little sparring. He was the dominating force today as my mind was intrigued by the cloak of invisibility.

The next day Sam started teaching me, LA, about the sheep and how they became invisible. He explained that some time in the distant past the caldera had wolves. The sheep had no defense against them. As time progressed the sheep developed the ability to make them selves invisible. About the same time the yaks arrived. The wolves could not make dinner out of them as the yaks fought back with their sharp horns. With the sheep invisible and the yaks chasing them the wolves decided it would be a lot safer if they left the caldera

Sam explained how the wool is treated so that it could be used to make a cloak of invisibility. First the sheep are sheared then the wool is soaked in a vat filled with water and the juice of a berry found growing wild in the valley. This treatment causes the wool to separate into individual fibers. Once the wool is separated it may be very carefully woven into a cloth. If it is woven correctly it will become invisibility on one side of the cloth and show on the other side of the cloth.

Sam helped me get started in weaving my cloak of invisibility. It took me, LA, one year to weave my cloak of invisibility.

As I was weaving my cape I noted Sam was getting older by the day. His hair started turning white. His skin was starting to wrinkle. He reacting slower when we would do our practice sparing. When I asked him about that he said it was his time to age. He said he had lived 123 years and was now ready to go.

I also heard him chopping wood while I wove my cloak.



One morning after I finished my cloak of invisibility Sam told me it was time for me to go home. He said there would be one more task I would have to perform before I, LA, left. He said I would know what to do the next morning.

The next morning I looked for Sam. I found him in the garden where we had meditated so many times over they years . He was laying flat on his back on a platform mounted over a massive pile of wood. I called to him but got no response. I climbed up on the pile of wood until I could touch him. I checked his pulse and found none. I climbed back down. On the way I noticed the following scribed on a stack of wood.
It was goodbye written in Tibetan. Next to the plaque were fifteen matches. It was then I remembered Sam had told me months ago that he planned to be cremated after he died. It dawned on me, LA, that lighting the pile of wood was the final task
Sam told me I had to do.

But why fifteen matches? Then I remembered we had just celebrated my being in the caldera for fifteen years.

It was then I noticed a short candle mounted in a pile of dried grass surrounded by wood kindling at the base of the pile of wood. As I walked around the pile of wood I found fifteen candles. One for each year I had spent with Sam in his valley.

Sam had planned that I should start the cremation fire but did not want me to do it directly. He knew it would be difficult for me to see the cremation fire. His plan was for me to light the candles. The candles would burn down and as they did they would set the grass and then the kindling on fire. The pile of wood would than be set a blaze. By then I, now known as MELVIN ZWICK, would be well on my way out of the caldera.

I found my yaks. To my amazement they were loaded as they were on the first day I arrived at the valley. How could that be. Another puzzle for me, MELVIN ZWICK, to decipher.

I called for Charlie but he did not show up. I, MELVIN ZWICK, think he knew I was leaving and he did not want to leave the valley. He had been a constant companion during my stay in the Mystic Mountain. He had entertained me with his hi jinks for all those years. I knew I would surely miss him a bunch.

Very sadly I lit the fifteen candles and started on my way out of the caldera. As I headed up out of the valley I would take a look back at Sam’s place. After I had walked for several hours I noticed smoke coming from our meditation place. Every time I looked back I noticed the smoke becoming thicker. I, MELVIN ZWICK, knew Sam’s plan for his cremation had worked. After turning for the last time I read a message from Sam. He said the cremation plan had worked just fine. He was now in a much better place and that he would look out for my thourgh out the rest of my life. He would be my guardian angle.

The Mystic Mountain will no longer share its wealth with a human.

The amazing thing about the trip up and out was that the rope over the run on the branch of the tree was still there. It showed no sign of age. It was easy to lift the yaks and equipment up over the cliff. The bamboo bridges across the mud on either side of the stream were still in tack.

It took me seven days to hike back to Lhasa. There were no new adventures on the trail.

I visited Katun and his family. His whole family did not look like they had aged 15 years. Big Dog was still alive and as frisky as ever. When he saw me he jumped up and ran to me knocking me to the ground. His big tongue did a job on washing my face. To say he was glad to see me would be an understatement. We played soccer ball fetch.

Katun and his family were amazed to see me. They wanted to know all about my adventures. I had promised Sam not to reveal any of my adventure to anyone. I lied and told Katun that I had wondered around for 15 years before I found my way back home. They laughed and told my I was joking them. They swore I had been gone only a few weeks.

The return trip was becoming a source of puzzlement. First all on the day I left my yaks were loaded as they were on the day I arrived in the valley. Secondly both the crane and bridge I had built look just like they did on the day I first used time. It was as if I had been in the valley only one day. Now Katun’s family did not look a day older than when I first left them and they were swearing I had only been gone for a couple of weeks. We had no calendar so I, MELVIN ZWICK could not verify the date. The solution to the puzzle would have to wait.

In a few days I was on my way back to the United States and Arizona. Believe it or not Grandpa was glad to see me. He gave me a giant hug and invited me to live with him.

Once I was back I remembered the document Sam gave me just before I, MELVIN ZWICK, left Mystic Mountain. I dug it out of my gear and opened it. Sam had written it is the finest Tibetan language. I noted that there were several names spelled out in English. There are no words in Tibetan for those names.


This letter was written by me, MELVIN ZWICK’S best Tibetan buddy Sam. He wrote it just before I, MELVIN ZWICK, left the Mystic Mountain. That was long before all Grandpa’s Grandkids were born. He told me not to read it until I got back home.

It looks like he could see into the future.

It reads “MELVIN ZWICK is a great, handsome wonderful person. He is so smart.

He has a friend named Grandpa who will have three daughters, Linda Lee, Kelley and Robyn and the ten grandkids.

Grandpa will have grandkids named Lydia, Kyle, Caroline, Victoria, Valerie, Timothy, Joseph, Benjamin, McKenna, Cassidy and Emelee and maybe a few others. They all will be beautiful daughters and granddaughters and grandsons.

But then he will have a nutty friend called Phooey Ralph. He will be one nutty person. He will always want Grandpa’s daughters to take him to Disneyland.

MELVIN ZWICK, because he is such a great guy will have great adventures.

The Mystic Mountain was visited by MELVIN ZWICK, where he made a cloak of invisibility. He will use the cloak one day to follow Grandpa to MOSSYROCK to visit his daughters and grandkids.”

Sam the Mystic man of Mystic Mountain sure could see into the future.


It was good to be back. I got to eat hamburgers and Mexican food. I could take a long hot shower. I could sleep on a soft mattress.

You may wonder why I, MELVIN ZWICK, the great story teller, added the following information about Grandpa’s family to this story of my Cloak of Invisibility. The reason for the addition is obvious to me, MELVIN ZWICK. I, MELVIN ZWICK, the great Grandpa look alike, am not always included in all of Grandpa’s visits to his Kids and Grandkids. Therefore I, MELVIN ZWICK, have to visit the family while covered by my Cloak of Invisibility. If I did not have my Cloak of Invisibility I would not be part of the family. So if the family does not see me they can be assured that I, MELVIN ZWICK, am present with Grandpa during all family gatherings.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, am capable of writing all my great insightful stories about the family because I, MELVIN ZWICK, am present during all the gathering.

Once I, MELVIN ZWICK, was back I had the joyous opportunity to meet all of Grandpa and Grandma’s Grandkids. Just like the Tibetan letter said there was McKenna and Cassidy the daughters of Grandpa’s daughter Kelley. What beautiful young ladies they are.

Then there are the kids of Grandpa’s daughter Robyn. The oldest is Lydia, then there are the quads, Kyle, Caroline, Victoria and Valerie then there is Timothy and then Joseph and Benjamin. The Bowes may adopt others as time progresses.

There is an interesting sidelight to the story. I, MELVIN ZWICK, was wearing my cloak of invisibility while Daddy Ted, Grandpa, Lydia and Valerie were in the truck during Grandpa’s 2008 Thanksgiving visit. Lydia was reading a story to all of us. There was a fellow in the story named Dietrich. Lydia was pronouncing his name Die Track. We corrected the pronunciation but Lydia was still pronouncing his name Die Track. Grandpa said she should just call the fellow Sam. That would be a lot easier. Grandpa laughed and said one day she would meet a real person named Dietrich. She would probably tell him that she has a difficult pronouncing his name so she will just call him Sam. Everyone had a big laugh over Grandpa’s solution to the mis-pronunciation.

That’s is exactly what I, MELVIN ZWICK, did with the name of the Mystic Man of Mystic Mountain. I, MELVIN ZWICK, could not pronounce his name, Gisinghangoju, so I told him I would just call him Sam.


I, MELVIN ZWICK, have finally had time to write this story. However there is something about this trip I one of the smartest people cannot explain. As you probably know I, MELVIN ZWICK, photographed lots of Tibetan people. Many of the Tibetan people would not allow themselves to be photographed in color for fear of losing their soul. I was fortunate enough to take many color photos of the Tibetan people however when ever I print out this paper the faces are of grandpa’s grandkids dressed in Tibetan clothes. How does that happen?

So where do I, MELVIN ZWCK, currently stand. I had a great adventure, met some interesting people, learned another language and made myself a cloak of invisibility.

I, MELVIN ZWICK, swore to Sam that I would never use the Cloak of Invisibility except for the good of mankind. However I, MELVIN ZWICK, wanted to go to Mossyrock with Grandpa to see the Bowes and Waughs but Grandpa said no to my travel. The only solution to the problem was to break out my Cloak of Invisibility and join Grandpa on his trip without knowing I was with him. By using the Cloak of Invisibility it became necessary for me to explain how I, MELVIN ZWICK, obtained it.

The explanation of all the puzzling aspects of the trip came to light late on evening as I, MELVIN ZWICK, was about to doze off. I saw Sam in my mind. We had a great exchange of stories. Before he signed off he explained that time in the valley is all screwed up. My stay lasted only three days in real world time even though the stay seemed to last 15 years. Fifteen years in valley time was only three days in real world time. That explained the mystery.


Thursday, April 4, 2013


Grandpa told me, MELVIN ZWICK, that several years ago he went to a cement plant in Macon, Georgia to work on starting up a control system he designed. As usual Grandpa did his usual thing and took lots of pictures.

Grandpa had the film developed when he got back from the job site. He laid the photos out on his desk at work. He noticed a funny thing in one of the photos. This photo is shown below.
Robyn and Kelley got a cold chill when they listened to Grandpa tell them the story about this photograph.

Can Grandpa’s young detectives find what in the photograph gave their mothers a cold chill?
 The answer will be shown further down this letter. Be sure to read to THE END.
Grandpa told his daughters how he had taken photos of the cement plant he was working at.
He mentioned that the workers there told him about a cement plant worker who while working at the top of a ladder fell, hit his head and died. The workers told Grandpa that the dead workers ghost still lives at the plant. They told Grandpa that he might find a picture of the workers ghost in one of the photos he was taking.
 Grandpa told me, MELVIN ZWICK, that he told this story to his daughters after he showed them the photo shown above.

Have Grandpa’s young detectives found what gave their mother a cold chill?





























Does that look like a face? Is he looking at the ladder from which he fell? And what about the ladder? Did you all get a cold chill after hearing the story and seeing the picture.

Grandpa got a great big laugh from the reaction of his daughters. Grandpa told me, MELVIN ZWICK, that he bets he would have gotten a big laugh at the reaction of his grandkids when they read his story about the worker and saw the face in the photo.
Grandpa told me, MELVIN ZWICK, that the photo is real and not modified in any way.
The cement plant was a very old plant. There was cement dust and solidified cement everywhere. You can see cement everywhere in the photo. Look at how thick the lower steps of the ladder are. That is caused by solidified cement dust.

What looks like a face is cement dust on a light bulb. There is no ghost. The story about the worker falling is totally made up by Grandpa.
Shame on you Grandpa.






  MELVIN ZWICK had spent some time in Tucson with Phooey Ralph, Grandpa's goofy brother.  That adventure had been a hoot.  Phooey Ralph is quite a comedian keeping MELVIN ZWICK’S belly sore with lots of laughs.

   The time had come for MELVIN ZWICK to move on.  But there was still one more adventure to be had in Arizona before traveling west to see the ocean.     

   MELVIN ZWICK had to see the Sandhill Cranes wintering in Sulphur Hills Valley near Wilcox, Arizona.

  Phooey Ralph had told MELVIN ZWICK about the large flock of Sandhill Cranes that come to the Whitewater draw every winter.  In 2010 there was a reported 40,499 Sandhill Cranes in Southern Arizona. 

And so it was the comedian Phooey Ralph and the adventurer MELVIN ZWICK ventured south from Tucson to experience the thrill of seeing thousands of Sandhill Cranes settle in at the Whitewater Draw near Wilcox.

  MELVIN ZWICK gave this brief description of the Sandhill Cranes in southern Arizona.

  Sandhill Cranes are regularly found during the winter in the Sulphur Springs Valley of southeastern Arizona. Sandhills begin arriving in Arizona in early October and remain until late February when their return migration to nesting areas begins.
  Sandhill usually begin nesting at about four years of age. First and second time nesters are not as successful as older birds. Nests, consisting of mounds of vegetation and are usually located in shallow marshes or wet meadows.  Cranes usually lay two eggs, but it is unusual for a pair to raise more than one young per year.

  Wingspan is an impressive six to seven feet. Adult greater Sandhill Cranes normally weigh 11 to 13 pounds.
   Experiencing the morning Sandhill Crane launch at the department’s two wildlife areas, especially Whitewater Draw, is truly spectacular. Witnessing the Cranes return to roost at these wildlife areas can be equally spectacular, especially during one of Arizona’s brilliant sunsets.

   Sandhill are the most common of all the world's Cranes. A fossil from the Miocene Epoch, some ten million years ago, was found to be structurally the same as the modern Sandhill Crane.  Today, these large birds are found predominately in North America. They range south to Mexico and Cuba, and as far west as Siberia.

 Size relative to a 6-ft man:


Average life span in the wild:

  20 years


  Body, 31.5 to 47.2 in: (wingspan, 5 to 6 ft.)


  6.5 to 14 lbs. (3 to 6.5 kg)

  All those birds have a wing span of around 6 feet.  Just look at the flock on the ground.  WHAT A SIGHT.

   Some of the Cranes have a bright red crest.  They land with grace almost walking to a landing.

  You might like to see a flock in the sky on the following u-tube video

  Can you imagine the size of the flying flock with birds that have around a 6 foot wing span.  It is truly an amazing adventure to experience the very large bunch of birds flying overhead.   

  I MELVIN ZWICK really enjoyed the tour of the Sandhill Crane wintering spot.

But it was time to move on.

  Early in the morning Phooey Ralph drove MELVIN ZWICK to the best truck stop in Tucson.  They parked in the parking lot near the entrance to the Restaurant. 

   MELVIN ZWICK explained to Phooey Ralph that his mode of travel on these adventures is provided by truckers.  His plan is to monitor the trucks as they come into the parking lot looking for a suitable truck headed west. 

   You can tell a lot about a driver by studying the truck he owns.  Note the key word: owns.  A driver who owns a truck will maintain it in the manner he looks at life.  A shabby truck indicates a driver that is careless and shabby about his life.  A well-kept truck indicates the owner is precise and cares about his belongings and his life.  The best driver to hitch a ride with is the one who owns a pretty nice truck but not spick and span or shabby.  That driver is relaxed about his life but not careless.

  MELVIN ZWICKS plan is to pick out a driver in a clean but not perfect truck that is headed west.  The plan is to follow the driver into the restaurant and strike up a conversation and become buddies with him.  After the meal is done MELVIN ZWICK will ask if the driver will drive him to wherever the driver is going.

   The plan has worked well in the past and will work today.

   So Phooey Ralph and MELVIN ZWICK said goodbye.  Phooey Ralph headed home to work on mailing his very popular books and CDs and MELVIN ZWICK at looking for a ride toward the sunset.

    MELVIN ZWICK grabbed his backpack and headed to the bench in front of the Restaurant.  The bench was in a location that favored MELVIN ZWICK.  Drivers fueling their trucks would not easily see him as he sat there checking them out.  He set himself down and casually observed the trucks entering the parking lot from the East headed west.

   The first bunch of truck that fit the direction bill did not fit MELVIN ZWICK'S plan.  They we're either shabby or way too perfect.

   After about an hour the ideal truck entered the parking lot and pulled up to the diesel pump.  The driver got out and set up the pump to fuel his truck.   It would take a while for the tank to be topped off.  While that was happening MELVIN ZWICK could study the truck as the driver went inside to the rest room.

   The driver was a slim but muscular fellow who walked with a slight limp.  His hair was cut in a military fashion. 

   The first thing MELVIN ZWICK noticed about the truck was the American flags painted on the side of the truck and the many flying from the windows and decals on the cab of the truck.


   The most impressive decal on the truck was the Official NAVY SEALS patch.  This driver was an ex-Navy Seal.  One of the finest fighting men in the world.  There would be no question about his character.  He would be one tough fellow.


   This is the driver MELVIN ZWICK would try to strike up a conversation with and if things worked out hitch a ride on to the west.

   MELVIN ZWICK picked up his backpack and headed to the restroom.  He needed to give time to the driver to finish fueling up his truck and to settle down at the counter for breakfast.  Once the driver was at the counter MELVIN ZWICK could sit near him and strike up a conversation and with his special skills become a friend to the driver and hitch a ride west.

  A brief time later the Ex Seal entered the restaurant and walked up to the counter and shouted out a good morning greeting to Barbara the Counter server and a few other truckers seated along the counter.  She lit up like a neon sign in Las Vegas as she heard the greeting.  She replied, “Buzzsaw I am so glad to see you.”  It was obvious she was delighted to see him again.  She might provide some interference with MELVIN ZWICK'S plan but this guy was the choice candidate for a ride to the West.

   Buzzsaw!!!  Now MELVIN ZWICK knew the drivers name. 

   Buzzsaw sat down at the counter and started a cordial conversation with Barbara.    

   MELVIN ZWICK walked casually to the counter and noticed where the salt shaker was in relation to the Ex Seal.  MELVIN ZWICK needed to sit with the salt shaker on the far side of Buzzsaw.  It is a lot easier to start a conversation with the intended lift giver after you ask him for the salt shaker.

    Barbara asked Buzzsaw how he had been since his last visit six months ago. Was his leg still hurting him?  He answered that it hurt all the time but worse when he was in the damper parts of the country and that he really enjoyed being in Arizona because of the dryness.  She asked him if he was still chasing the ladies.  He laughed and said he hasn't had much time for that.  His very busy trucking business kept him on the road.  There was no time for a serious relationship. 

   Barbara took Buzzsaw's order then asked MELVIN ZWICK what he wanted.  MELVIN ZWICK said he was new at this stop and asked what she recommended. She laughed and said the stop was known for their great food and that he might want to order one of everything.

   MELVIN ZWICK thought for a moment than said he figured whatever the regular patron seated next to him ordered must be what is best on the menu.  He said he would have the same.

  The same turned out to be three scrambled eggs, two sausages, two bacon slices, and a slice of ham, hash browns, two buttermilk pancakes and toast along with a cup of coffee.  Now that is a breakfast.  MELVIN ZWICK would have preferred monkey bread and Dutch babies but they were not on the menu. Grandpa’s wonderful grandkids provide them to him and Grandpa whenever they are visiting at the Crossroads Country Ranch in Mossyrock, Washington. The Bowes family are great providers of excellent food.

   That treat would have to wait until MELVIN ZWICK next visited the Crossroads Country Ranch. 

   MELVIN ZWICK'S mind flashed back to his last visit with Grandpa’s family in Mossyrock.  On that visit Kyle, Grandpa's 16 year old, 6ft 4 inch grandson, made monkey bread.  Maybe MELVIN ZWICK could get Kyle to make another batch on his next visit.

  MELVIN ZWICK, who is always in total control of his mind, had to force himself to concentrate on the current situation.  Monkey bread would have to wait.

   What had MELVIN ZWICK the observer learned so far about Buzzsaw?  He knew his name and that he was an Ex Navy Seal, probably, wounded on an assignment so severely he had to retire from the service, he was unmarried and a very busy truck driver. 

  The playing field was set.  The players were set.  Buzzsaw between the salt shaker on his right and MELVIN ZWICK on his left two seats away and Barbara the waitress who seemed to be enamored with Buzzsaw.

   MELVIN ZWICK, with his charming wit and personality, would have to draw Buzzsaw into a conversation and eventually get invited to travel Westward with him.  Even for the charming MELVIN ZWICK it would not be a small task.  In the time it takes to prepare the breakfast and eat it, MELVIN ZWICK would have to become one of Buzzsaw's best buddies.    

  He had used the technique successfully many times in the past as he traveled around the country.  It even worked in his travels in other countries.  He had learned the technique when he worked for the CIA as a covert agent.

  The process started with MELVIN ZWICK'S question about the food.  He asked Buzzsaw if the food was really that good.  Buzzsaw replied with a laugh and said it was the best in Arizona.  He said he drove most of the night just to reach this place for breakfast this morning.  He said he always plans his trips through Tucson so that he will be at Barbara's counter for breakfast, lunch or supper.

  Buzzsaw seemed to be very gregarious and willing to talk.  MELVIN ZWICK knew that being an interstate trucker could be a very lonely job.  About the only time you could talk to another was when you made the food stops or were at either end loading or unloading.

   MELVIN ZWICK asked Buzzsaw in what branch of service he served in.  MELVIN ZWICK said, "I noticed your crew cut haircut and that you answer questions with "Sir", and that you have the proud stature of an ex-military man."

  Buzzsaw laughed and said he didn't think it was so obvious.  He answered that he had been a Navy Seal and had been wounded on a special mission in Iraq.  A round from an AK 47 tore up his leg.  His team mates carried him out of the danger zone.  He said the damage to his leg forced him to retire from the service much to his regret.

  Is that the Navy Seal symbol tattooed on your upper arm? 

  Buzzsaw answered that it was.  He also mentioned that he had the insignia tattooed while he was recovering from his wound.  He said Seals never get any identifying marks on their body while on active duty.  It does not pay to be identified as a Navy Seal if you are captured.  Most Seals get the tattoo once they leave the service.

  MELVIN ZWICK mentioned that he had never been able to pass a physical to get into the service.  Instead he signed up with the CIA while in college.  That led to special covert agent school where he showed a special gift as a sniper.  He also showed a special talent for learning foreign languages.  These skills placed him in many conflicts around the world. 

  BUZZSAW responded by saying his specialty was firearms and was used many times as a sniper.  That is what he was doing when his leg was wounded.  He and his spotter were on the roof of a three story building guarding one access to the advance of Marine station.  He had taken out six terrorists and was lined up on a seventh when two terrorist came up on the roof.  Luckily he and his spotter shot both terrorists but not before one terrorist shot him in the leg.

   MELVIN ZWICK told Buzzsaw that his last covert mission was a rather unique on.  It required his special sniper skill but did not result in putting anyone down.

  He mentioned that this country cannot order the assignation of any foreign entity.  But that did not stop the CIA from sending him into Iraq on a very dangerous and weird mission.  His target was So Damn Insane.  Those were MELVIN ZWICK'S words for Saddam Hussein the brutal dictator of Iraq. 

  The CIA paid MELVIN ZWICK a major amount of money to get photos of Iraq's dictator So Damn Insane through his sniper rifle scope.  They wanted to send So Damn Insane a photo of his face behind the cross hairs of a sniper scope.  They hoped they could cause So Damn Insane to realize he could lose his life at any time.  This might convince him to cooperate with the weapons of mass destruction inspectors and let them have free range through his country.

  MELVIN ZWICK reached into the vest of his jacket and pulled out a pack of photos he had taken of So Damn Insane.  The first photo was just what the CIA wanted him to get.  It showed So Damn Insane grinning as he waved to his people. 


   The only thing different about this normal photo of him was the cross hairs of a rife scope laid across his face.

  MELVIN ZWICK flipped to another photo and showed it to Buzzsaw.  This one showed the magazine of the AK 47 rifle he was holding being separated by a .50 caliber sniper round.  MELVIN ZWICK told Buzzsaw the CIA didn't say he could not shoot things around So Damn Insane. 


   The plot did not work.  So Damn Insane was not a dummy.  He felt secure in his life because his enemy, the United States, would not order his assassination.  MELVIN ZWICK said he just could not resist taking the shot.  He wanted the dictator to realize that he had been in the crosshairs of a special sniper who could have put the bullet into his brain.

    It wasn't long after the photos were taken that the Marines found So Damn Insane hiding in a spider hole in the ground.  He was later tried and executed for his many crimes against his people. 

   After that exchange the relationship between Buzzsaw and MELVIN ZWICK started to warm up.  They shared more of their adventures as they ate the truck stops great breakfast interrupted every so often by the beautiful Miss Barbara checking on her boy.

  The meal was over and Buzzsaw asked MELVIN ZWICK where he was going. 

   MELVIN ZWICK gave Buzzsaw a quick summary of his desire for adventure and that to satisfy that need he was headed west.  He told a story of how he had been given a ride out of Albuquerque by several Young college kids.  Things were going well during the trip. He felt he could trust them.  They stopped at this truck stop and ate a good dinner.  After the meal they visited the restroom.  MELVIN ZWICK said he never spotted that his new found friends were planning a nasty trick on him and leave him here at the truck stop.  They got away with a bunch of his dirty laundry

   MELVIN was wheel less and was looking for a ride in a westerly direction.  

   Buzzsaw immediately asked MELVIN to join him on his way to Oxnard, California.

   MELVIN thought who in the world would want to go to Oxnard.  What an uninviting name for a city.  But Oxnard is still near the Pacific Ocean and Buzzsaw would be a very interesting fellow to travel with.

  MELVIN ZWICK paid the beautiful Miss Barbara for both meals leaving her a big enough tip so that she would remember him if he ever passed through the truck stop in the future.

  The beautiful Miss Barbara met Buzzsaw at the exit and gave him a very big hug and a kiss on the cheek just before he walked out the door.  MELVIN immediately said, “What about me.”  She gave him a big hug but no kiss on the cheek.


  They climbed into the cab of Buzzsaw's semi.  The cab had a large, clean and neat sleeping quarter.  The panel before the driver looked like an aircraft control panel.  There was a gage for everything that could possibly be monitored.  Buzz saw could monitor tire pressure on all 18 wheels, the oil temperature and pressure and cleanliness, indoor and outdoor temperature, a panel for analyzing the exhaust fumes, transmission temperature, GPS map with voice control, a  computer operated by voice command and spoken output. 

  MELVIN ZWICK noticed a Martin guitar lying on the sleeping quarter’s bed.  That could come in handy to break up the monotony of the four hours to Quartzsite.

  “Hey Buzzsaw how did you ever get that name?” 

  Buzzsaw answered, “I was a kid working in our family sawmill near Mossyrock, Washington.   One day I mentioned to the guys during a work break that the saw sure makes a buzzing noise.  Big John said, “Hhey kid you will get used to the noise before long.”  From that point on everyone at the mill called me Buzzsaw.  My friends call me Buzz and it would be OK if you called me Buzz.”

  Buzz told MELVIN the trip to Oxnard was pretty boring.  His load was not due in Oxnard for several weeks.  He suggested they take a detour through Wickenburg and visit the Vulture Mine.  They could stay there overnight after visiting the mine. 

  After that they could stop in Quartzsite and the biggest tail gate show in the country which was in progress at the time. 

  He had stopped there the last three years during the show looking for a special Stone.

  The Stone had been described to him by his Iraqi interpreter.
  The boys decided that the plan was OK, so it was on to Wickenburg.
  After some small talk Buzz opened up and told MELVIN about Mazen his interpolator in Iraq.

  He told MELVIN ZWICK the instant he met Mazen his Iraqi interpreter he felt a very special bond with him.  The bond was very difficult to explain.  It was as if they shared their spirit and life blood. 

  MELVIN ZWICK noticed moisture in tough old Buzz’s eyes as he talked about Mazen. 

  Buzz had saved Mazen's life within hours of when they met.  Mazen had been knocked down by a fanatic terrorist.  The terrorist was shouting Allah Akbar as he was about to put his knife into Mazen's heart.

  Buzz shot the knife out of the terrorist hand.  When the terrorist looked up Buzz put a round between his eyes.  The dead terrorist fell dead on to Mazen.

  It turned out that Mazen was a physic.  He had used his vision to save their lives several times. 

   However the odd were against them.  Mazen’s physic ability failed him one day.

   Mazen had been shot by a sniper and was dying as Buzzsaw held him in his arms.  Mazen looked up with distance look in his eyes and told Buzzsaw he had just seen a vision of a special Arizona Stone that when ground up had special healing power.  The Stone was green and was called the Lizard Stone.  He told Buzzsaw with his last breath that he had to find the Stone.  The powder of the Stone would take away pain.  It was not dangerous or addicting. Buzz with tears in his eyes said Mazen then died.

   Buzz had to take out the sniper.  He and his spotter climbed to the roof of the building next to them.  They set up on the third floor with a window on the side where they expected the sniper to be on. 

  They had to get the sniper to expose himself.  He and his spotter, Jackson, had a trick that had worked several times in the past.  It was a lifelike head.  They would expose the head just enough to encourage the terrorist sniper to let loose with a round at the target. 

   Jackson saw a flash a few seconds after the head was exposed.  An instant later the head shattered.

   They now knew where Mazen's killer was.  He was shooting from a room on the second floor of a building.  Jackson quickly ranged the window.  It was 805 yards away.  He then used his militarized Kestrel 4500 NV with Horus ATrag Ballistics calculator to calculate the wind age with the range and gave Buzz the sight settings.

   Buzzaw adjuster the sights on his rifle.  A minute later the terrorist showed up in Buzzsaw's scope.  Buzzsaw squeezed the trigger and a .50 caliber round from his M107_1_7 rifle was on its way.  Good by terrorist sniper.
   Buzz had been looking for Lizard Stone ever since Mazen had mentioned it in his dying breath.  It would sure be an answer to the pain in his leg.
   They would have to stop in Quartzsite.  Maybe this time the Lizard Stone would show up.

  It was very strange but MELVIN actually felt Buzz's grief as he told the events of Mazen's death.  The story about Mazen' death left him feeling like he had just lost a very close friend.
  They talked about many of their adventures.  An hour later they arrived at Wickenburg.  He drove straight to the parking lot at the Vulture mine.

  Buzz had contacted a friend in Wickenburg and had asked him if he would take the boys on a tour of the mine.

   His friend, Osborn, who manages the mine and the old town of Wickenbury agreed to meet the boys at the mine.  He met the boys at the parking lot.

  Osborn said that around 1863 a fellow by the name of Henry Wickenburg travelled along the Hassayampa River.  He picked up a rock to throw at a stubborn burro and noticed gold traces in the rock.  He chipped some of the quartz away and found more gold. Well that is at least one story. 

  Another story has Wickenburg wanting to sweep out his tent.  He shot a vulture, intending to use a wing for a broom.  The vulture fell on the gold outcrop.

   The least colorful story of the discovery of the Vulture mine has Wickenbury noticing a large outcropping of gold, large enough for him to see it from 10 miles way.

   He said that once the mine got into production freighters would line up at the mine with wagons to transport the gold ore to the smelter. As soon as they were out of site of the mine they would begin picking through the gold, pocketing the best nuggets.  Being a freighter was a very profitable venture.  So much so many small mine operators would quit mining and become freighters.

   The miners were also known for highgrading the ore before it reached the Company storage room.  It was widely known that working at the Vulture mine for a few months could be profitable enough to grubstake a fellow for a year.

  The boys were introduced to the hang tree where 18 men where hung for stealing gold. 

  In 1923 several miners were working in one of the mines large underground chambers.  The Vulture mine was what is called a hard rock mine.  The chambers were cut in solid rock therefore no support timbers were required.  However solid rock columns were left as supports.  It is said that about 40% of the ore was left in these support columns.  These miners were chipping away at the columns until the chamber collapsed.  About 7 men and 12 burros were trapped in a mine cave in and are still there.  The hill above the collapsed chamber became a pit which became known as the Glory hole.

  All the buildings in the town were built with low grade rocks from the mine.  The gold in the buildings is worth millions of dollars in todays inflated market.

  The boys left the Mine with a feeling of awe.  To think that in this most unlikely place millions in gold was removed from the hills.

  The boys and Osborn climbed aboard his 4 wheel drive jeep and headed out across the desert.  Osborn wanted to show the boys some of the old claims around the area. 

   At one spot they found an old dilapidated shack next to a stream.  Osburn told the boys that this claim was owned by two gunfighters.  Those old boys left their gun fighting ways and settled on this claim.  They found an outcropping up the hill but made a bundle of money panning the stream that ran by the cabin.  They sold the claim and their gold and disappeared into history.

  After about two hours of 4 wheeling Osborn took the boys back to the parking lot.  The boys thanked Osborn and climbed aboard the truck and headed to Quartzsite.

  MELVIN asked if he could pick up the guitar.  Most owners of Martin guitar, the best in the world, are reluctant to let others play their guitar.  From MELVIN ZWICK’S request Buzz knew his guitar would be in hands of someone who appreciate fine guitars.

  MELVIN ZWICK adjusted his shirt to cover his belt buckle and cell phone.  It would not be acceptable to have those items put a scratch in the Martin.  MELVIN gently, with respect, picked up the Martin and set it in his lap.  He fingered a "C" cord and found the guitar tuned well.

   MELVIN asked Buzz if he would like to join in on a sing along.  Buzz was immediately ready to join in.  He said he loved folk music and knew most of the more common ones.

  MELVIN said let's give it a go.  He asked if Buzz knew "He'll be coming round the mountain?"  Buzz perked up and answered he did.  MELVIN went on to tell him about the hootenanny he had had with Grandpa's kids and Grandkids at the Crossroads country Ranch.  They sang "He'll be coming round the mountain" with a few versed written by him.  MELVIN explained that there was a sound effect they would have to say for each verse.  MELVIN said he would identify the word or sound needed for each verse before singing that verse.

  So MELVIN ZWICK fingered a "C" cord and started:

  The key word here is "So High."

   He then started singing:

              He’ll be coming or the mountain when he comes.

                                        Buzz and MELVIN sang together, “So High”

             He’ll be coming or the mountain when he comes.

                                        So High       

              He’ll be coming or the mountain

              He’ll be coming or the mountain

              He’ll be coming or the mountain

             He’ll be coming or the mountain when he comes.

                                        So High       

  The boys finished that song and spent the next hour singing many other folk songs.

  Buzz was correct is saying he knew most of the common folk songs.  MELVIN could not find a song he didn't know.  MELVIN ZWICK and Buzz sang about a two dozen folk songs.          

   After about a three hour drive and another hour while singing folk songs the boys arrived at Love's Travel Stop in Quartzsite.  The parking around town was full.  The Travel Stop parking lot was full.  It seems all passing through truckers made a stop at Quartzsite during the show.

  Buzz drove to the North West corner of the lot.  There were several saw horses blocking a parking space.  There were signs on each saw horse saying "RESERVED FOR BUZZ.'  Buzz got out and relocated the saw horses to the corner of the lot. 

   He climbed back into the truck and parked it as he explained to MELVIN ZWICK that the owner of Love's was Jackson his spotter in Iraq.  He knew of Mazen's vision of the Lizard Stone and reserved the parking space every year for Buzzsaw during the show.

  Buzzsaw inspected all the fittings on the truck and wacked each tire with a hammer checking tire inflation.  When he was satisfied he put the hammer back into the truck and then the boys headed to the restaurant. 

  It was obvious Buzzsaw was anxious to see his old buddy again.  Not only that but it was time to eat lunch.  MELVIN ZWICK knew that Buzzsaw would receive the best lunch Jackson could serve.

   Pandemonium broke out within seconds of when Buzzsaw entered the restaurant.  The first to spot Buzzsaw was Rocky the waitress.  She let out a howl as she rushed to him.  Before she could reach him the rest of the restaurant help shouted their greeting and came to Buzz.  The waitress grabbed him and gave him a big hug and kiss.  The rest shook his hand and gave him hugs.  It was obvious Buzz was a well-loved friend of the crew of Love's Travel Stop.

   MELVIN ZWICK later learned that Rocky was Jackson's wife and that all the other working in the restaurant were his relatives. Before the lunch meeting was over he learned something Buzz didn't tell him about when he was wounded.

   One of the terrorists entering their hideout knocked Jackson's pistol away from him and was pointing his AK 47 at his head.  Buzz saw what was happening.  One terrorist had Jackson in his sights. Another terrorist was aiming his AK 47 at Buzz. 

  Buzzsaw in a love for his buddy shot the terrorist facing Jackson at the risk of being killed by the other terrorist.  Buzzsaw's bullet hit the terrorist a split second before he pulled the trigger of his rifle aimed at Jackson.  The terrorist's aim was foiled just enough to cause the bullet to pass through Jackson's left ear and imbed itself in the wall. 

   This gave the other terrorist free reign to shoot Buzzsaw.  The only thing that saved Buzz was the shot killing the first terrorist caused the second terrorist to flinch causing him to loose aim causing his bullet to enter Buzzsaw's leg before Buzzsaw shot him.

   Buzzsaw saved Jackson he best buddy at the expense of having his leg badly damaged.  That was why the Love's crew loved Buzzsaw.  He had saved their husband, brother and uncle.

  Jackson came out of the kitchen and grabbed Buzzsaw.  They embraced each other as two strong friends would with each one and another taking turns lifting the other off his feet.

   When the greetings were over Jackson, Buzzsaw, Rocky and MELVIN ZWICK took their place at a table in the center of the restaurant near the kitchen.  

   Every year that table was reserved in honor of Buzzsaw during the Quartzsite show.

    Ice tea and soft drinks were served to all.  MELVIN ZWICK was introduced to Jackson's family.  His family included Rocky his wife and waitress, Jeff his brother and assistant cook, Jolene, Jeff's wife and cashier and waitress, Charlie his son and general everything.  

     It was obvious they had been expecting him.  It was a once a year ritual during the Quartzite tailgate show.
  Buzz stated he wanted to look for the Lizard Stone before eating so after a while the boys got up and left for the show.

  So it was off to the show.  There is no index listing the dealers and what they sell.  The only way to find what you are looking for was to walk through all the sellers until you find what you want.

   It could take the rest of the afternoon and all of the next day to do that.  Buzzsaw had been told by Mazen in his dying breath the Lizard Stone would be found under an American flag.

   The plan was simple, look at rock sellers with an American flag in their booth.  So it was a quick walk through vendors selling everything that could be legally sold.  Slippers, wallets, household junk, tools, car parts, jewelry, paint, art supplies, paintings and so on.  Mixed in all that stuff were vendors selling rocks.  Many rock sellers were amateur prospectors who spent a part of their life in the field looking for material that could be sold to jewelry makers.  Most of the raw material was unique and found only in a local area.  The finder of a unique Stone would name the Stone they found.

  After about two hours of walking the boys found an American Flag standing tall above a pickup truck.  On the tailgate of the truck was a collection of raw Stones.  On the left of the tail gate was a box of green Stone.  There was a card on the edge of the box that proclaimed in hand written words that the Stone was Lizard Stone at $100 per pound. 

   Buzz lite up like a Christmas tree.  His eyes were sparkling.  His excitement was contagious. 

   The vendor's name tag said Carlos.  He was a scruffy looking fellow.  His hair hung down to chest level.  His red beard rested on his chest.  His cowboy hat was low on his forehead.  MELVIN  noticed Carlos might be thinking he new Buzz/  

  MELVIN ZWICK noticed he had a Navy Seal tattoo on his right forearm.  Buzz muhave noticed the Carlos's tattoo about the same time the Carlos noticed the Navy Seal tattoo on Buzz's forearm as they reached to shake hands.  The handshake was forgotten as they grabbed each other in large bear hugs.  They were brothers like no brothers ever were.  They had all been through the most grueling training any human could be put through.  The training made ever seal a brother to every other seal.  They were the elite of elite of military men.

   When the hugging and tall tale story telling was over Buzz picked up the box of Lizard Stone and asked Carlos to weigh the Stones and quote a price.

   Carlos emptied the Lizard Stones on his scale.  The scale read 11 pounds 4 ounces.  That would come to a little more than $1000 for the lot.  Carlos said that the 11 pounds 4 ounces was all the Lizard Stone known to exist.

   Buzz told Carlos he had been hunting for Lizard Stones ever since he was discharged from the service.  He told Carlos the entire story of Mazen.

  MELVIN ZWICK learned another thing about his friend when Buzz said his leg that was wounded in Iraq gave him sever pain 24/7.  Being a trucker prevented him from taking pain medicine so he had to mentally block the pain.  That took a tremendous amount of mental concentration.  Even at that he was only capable of easing the pain somewhat and for only short intervals.

   He knew Mazen's dying statement that powdered Lizard Stone taken orally would stop the pain was true.  That is why he had been coming to Quartzsite show looking for the Lizard Stone for the last three years.

  Before Buzz could get his wallet out Carlos put the Lizard Stone in a triple plastic sack and gave it to Buzz and told him to take the Stone as a gift from one fellow Seal to another.  Buzz thanked Carlos with a big hug and invited him to have dinner on him at Jackson's.  Carlos said he ate there all the time.  He stated he would be there in about at 18:00 hours.

  Bear hugs were exchanged as they separated.

  Buzzsaw was extremely excited.  He had finally found the Lizard Stone Mazen his translator had told him about in his dying breath.  His excitement faded as he remembered Mazen his Iraq buddy.  His eyes welled up in tears and his speech became faint.  The thought of how he knew about the Lizard Stone brought him very sad feelings.  He had held Mazen his friend and guardian in his arms as he passed away.  Mazen's last thoughts were of him and how he could live without pain. 

   It was off to Jackson's for a wondrous dinner.  Buzz told MELVIN ZWICK all about his buddy’s excellent cooking ability.  He said he hoped MELVIN ZWICK liked fried bread with beans and cheese, tamales and a thing called monkey bread.  The thought of having those things for dinner really lit up MELVIN ZWICK.  They were three of his favorite foods.
   Rocky sat the boys and Jackson down at the reserved table.  A few minutes later Carlos arrived.  The three Seals greeted each other as usual.  This time they ended the hugs with a unique hand shake.  Jackson placed his fist with his thumb up.  Carlos grabbed Jackson's thump and placed his and thumb up.  Buzz grabbed Carlos's thumb.  They stood there with their heads bowed for several seconds then disconnected and patted each other on their backs. 

  The hand shake and bowed heads told MELVIN ZWICK the three had more in common than just being Navy Seals.  He thought he might ask about that later.

  He would not have to wait long for the explanation though.

  The three started to tell stories about each other.

   Like the time Carlos a very sleepy raiser stepped into the shower, turned on the water and stood there with his eyes closed as the cold water worked on waking him.  He noted a strange smell but was too asleep to pay much attention.  When he finally filled his hands with water and ran them over his face he felt something sticky.  He opened his eyes and saw the water running green.  He looked at his hands and saw the green.  His arms and chest were streaked green.

   A loud scream brought Jackson and Buzz who were rolling in belly wrenching laughter as they looked at Carlos all streaked green.

   Jackson had placed several packets of green Jell-O in the shower head.

   It took several days for the green streaks to disappear.  They all rolled in laughter again as they remembered green streaked Carlos in his Navy uniform attending to his duty.

     Then there was the time when Carlos packed his hand with flower.  He walked up to Jackson who was sitting asleep in his chair in front of his computer.  Carlos shouted very loudly, "Wake up every one time to get going."

  Jackson jolted awake as Carlos slapped him in the face with the hand full of flower.

    One morning Buzz stepped up to the toilet to take care of business.  Immediately his legs received a shower.  The seat and hole of the toilet was covered with Saran wrap. 

   It was obvious all three had been roommates while on state side duty.

   While all this was going on MELVIN ZWICK who was seated facing the front door noticed what looked like a carjacking in progress in front of the restaurant.  A fellow had just drug a fellow out of a car that was facing the restaurant.  The bad guy hopped into the car but the car owner started to fight with him through the window. 

   MELVIN ZWICK alerted the boys.  Seconds later the car screech its tires as it headed directly toward the front door of the restaurant.  The boys jumped aside as the car slammed into the restaurant and into the table the boys had been seated at.

  The owner of the car had been hanging through the window but was knocked loose as the car went through the door.

  The boys all shouted at the same time that the bad guy was stunned but was trying to start the car again.

  MELVIN ZWICK slipped his ever present knife out of its sheath and leaped to the driver side front tire.  He jabbed the knife into the tire.  He then slid back and did the same thing to the driver side rear tire.  It was then on to the rear tire on the other side of the car.  As he got to the other side of the car the bad guy succeeded in getting the engine running again.   Jackson and Buzz were trying to drag the bad guy out of the car but he started to back out as MELVIN ZWICK pulled his knife free from the passenger side rear tire.

  The bad guy stomped on the accelerator.  The extra stress on the flat rear tires caused them to be ripped from the rims leaving nothing but bare rims in contact with the floor.  The car had no traction.  The bad guy jumped out of the car and turned to run away.  In an instant the boys had him down in three submission holds.  Jackson was at his neck, Buzz was at his arm and Carlos was at a leg.  The scream coming from the guys mouth indicated he was in some sever pain. 

  There was no way he would leave the restaurant until the police had him in tow.

  Jackson laughed and said, "Hey Buzz remember when we were given the assignment of capturing that Al Qaida leader.  It took us three days to infiltrate through enemy territory to his camp."

  He went on to describe the event as they held the screaming bad guy waiting for the police.  Jackson tightened his hold on the perp’s neck and send him into silent sleep.

   The Al Quaid leader was Aref Asad.  He was known to be teaching terrorists how to build IUD and car bombs. 

   The terrorists camp was in a cave. On the outside of the cave there were seven terrorists sleeping on the ground, three beat up trucks and several 55 gallon containers probably containing gas and a pile of artillery ordinance.

  These guys were being taught how to build truck bombs.

  The boys checked each terrorists through their advanced night vision glasses as they looked for Aref Asad the leader they were after.  They didn't find him outside. 

   The boys set remote sensing explosive next to each terrorists.  Then they checked out each truck.  Two of them were loaded with explosives being prepared as car bombs.  The boys set explosives on the two trucks being prepared as car bombs and the ammo and fuel storage.

   Once that was done the boys entered the cave and found Aref lying on a cot.  His name translates to wise lion.  He sure was not wise tonight.  He never expected anyone would attack his camp located in an area predominately occupied by terrorists.

  Jackson grabbed him around the neck and put him in a sleep hold as Buzz grabbed Aref's right arm as he reached for a pistol.  Buzz put Aref's arm into a submission hold.

  Buzzsaw knocked the pistol away and released the arm.  He put some duct tape over Aref's face then wrapped his hands together behind his back then taped his ankles together.

  Buzzsaw threw Aref over his shoulders in the fire man’s carry hold and carried him out to the nearest truck.

  He threw him into the back of the truck as Jackson started the engine.

  That’s when Buzz smiled and said this is where the fun begins.  He pushed button one on his remote transmitter.  Instantly, seven terrorists were sent to their afterlife.  When the boys reached a safe distance Buzzsaw pressed button two and the car bombs, ammo stockpile and the fuel storage drums lit up the area.  Jackson stopped the truck so they could enjoy the fireworks

   The air force had been bombing the general area every night for a couple of weeks.   By now the terrorists in the area would be used to explosions and fireworks so Aref's camp lighting up would be nothing new.

   The boys would destroy the truck in an abandon cave and carry Aref two miles on foot to a pick up point that was known to be free of terrorists. 

   The Seals would send a helicopter and several gunships to pick them up. 

   Mission accomplished.

   The boys cleaned up the restaurant.  Jackson said the kitchen was not damages so the feast was on.   Fried bread, beans and cheese, tamales and monkey bread were on the menu.

   MELVIN ZWICK was delighted.  The food Jackson was preparing was MELVIN ZWICK'S favorite.

   More Navy Seal adventures were shared as the chow went down

  After a while the Lizard Stone subject came up.  Buzz related what Mazen had told him about what the powdered Stone was capable of doing.  Carlos mentioned he knew Amos an amateur chemist who might help in turning the Stone into powder.  He said the fellow was probably still awake and would probably enjoy helping them out.  He got on his cell phone and gave Amos a call.  Amos was delighted to hear from one of his buddies.  He told Carlos to come on over.

   Carlos drove the boys away from town, then on to a dirt road which turned into a 4 wheel drive road.  After about a 15 minute drive they came to a well-built building with several smaller buildings scattered around the area.

   The building had no glass window.  The only opening in the walls were narrow slots.  MELVIN ZWICK notices a rifle barrel sticking out of one of the slots.

   Carlos stepped out of his truck and shouted out who it was.   The rifle disappeared from the slot. 

   An instant later a grizzly bearded fellow stepped out of the front door and gave Carlos a big hug.  He invited the boys in.

   Carlos introduced the boys.  Amos offered coffee to all.

   Carlos told Amos that Buzz had a request of him.  Buzz related the Lizard Stone story again.  He then said he had some Lizard Stone that needed to be turned into powder.

   It was obvious Amos was excited about helping out an American hero.  He explained he assayed and analyzed Stones for amateur prospectors.  Carlos said Amos was being too shy.  Amos was a noted expert in material analysis.  He was used by many law enforcement agencies around the country to test crime scene evidence.

   Amos ignored the compliment and mentioned he was just a guy that had a very fun hobby.  He asked Buzz for a sample of the Lizard Stone. 

   He mentioned that he had a small rock crusher that could turn chunks of the Stone into small grains. 

   The rock crusher was something Amos had designed himself.  It consisted of a tube about 4 inches in diameter with a removable plate fastened to the bottom.  Attached to the tube was a bracket that supported a piston that was inside the tube.  The piston was connected to a hydraulic operated mechanism that drove the piston up and down in the tube. 

   Amos took a large chunk on the Lizard Stone from Buzz and broke it up into smaller chunks.  He mounted the sample of the Lizard Stone on the bottom plate.  Then he attached the plate to the bottom of the tube.  The hydraulic mechanism was turned on and the piston started pounding the Lizard Stone against the bottom plate.  In a short time the Stone would be crushed into grains no bigger than 1/32 inch in size.

   Amos then placed the grains of the Lizard Stone in a small ball mill.  The mill consisted of a large tube sealed at both ends.  The solid metal balls in the mill were slightly smaller than tennis balls. 

  He turned on the motor that caused the ball mill to rotate.  The metal balls would pulverize the grains of Lizard Stone into powder as the mill turned.


  This process took a couple of hours. 

  The boys offered to leave and come back the next day but Amos objected.  He was enjoying the company of his friends and was excited to be involved in the legend of the Lizard Stone.

  Later after several cups of coffee and lots of stories from the boys the Lizard Stone was now a powder.

  Amos removed about four tablespoons full of powder and ran a magnet through it to remove any trace of metal. It was decided by the boys to call the powder Mazennight in honor of Buzz's translator and shaman.  The term powder made it seem the name was too close to bad powders.  None of the boys would tolerate illegal drugs.

   Buzz was ready to take a teaspoon full of the Mazennight.  Amos suggested he test Mazennight for any toxic compounds before any was taken orally. 

   Buzz argued he had complete faith in his best friend and shaman, Mazen.  Mazen would never on his last dying breath tell him to take something that would be poison.

   The discussion between Buzz and Amos went on for a minute or two until Amos won the discussion.  Buzz would wait for the results of Amos's tests before he took any Mazennight. 

Amos then prepared some Mazennight for the next step.  Amos placed the prepared

powder into his state of the art electronic chemical analyzer.  It was a state of the art chemical analyzer.  Amos had modified the equipment to make it capable of determining the exact chemical composition of any material sample inserted into its test chamber.

  Within minutes the machine printed out a list of elements that made up the Lizard Stone composition.

   Amos took the printout and laid it on the table before him.  He studied it for a short time than started to scratch his head.  

   Buzz asked him what was in the Lizard Stone.

   Amos shook his head and said he had never seen anything like this in the 30 years he had been analyzing material.  The Stone contained most of the elements that Jasper was composed of however there were two elements he had never seen before.  In fact those two elements did not register as a known substance to his very advanced machine.  He was not able to identify them.

   Amos thought of the legend of the Lizard Stone and that Mazen had told Buzz to take its powdered form orally.  He had no way of telling if the two unknown ingredients were toxic.  He told the boys more tests would have to be done before he could say the powdered Lizard Stone would be safe to take orally.   

   He had some lab animals he could test the powder on.  The test would take a couple of days.

  Buzz begrudging agreed to the tests.  The delivery of the load on his truck could wait for a couple days.  He could wait for the results of Amos's tests.

  In the meantime he could help Jackson rebuild the damaged front of his Restaurant.

   MELVIN ZWICK always ready to experience a new adventure agreed to stay and help the construction.  He knew that there would be lots of stories told and Jacksons Indian fry bread smothered in beans and cheese along with tamales and monkey bread would be well worth the stay.

After some of Amos's delicious coffee the boys went back to the truck stop. 

   Carlos invited Buzz and MELVIN ZWICK to stay at his house.  He had a two bedroom cabin located on his property that the boys could use for their stay.  He said they might be interested to know that he had discovered the Lizard Stone while he was digging the foundation for the bed room of the cabin.  If they had some time they might look for additional Ston
   The boys finished as much of the reconstruction of the front door of Jackson's restaurant as they could in a day and half.  

   Amos called to say he had the results of his toxicity test on the Lizard powder and that he would be in town around 6:00 that afternoon.  He said he needed some of Jackson's excellent food while they discussed the results.

   Amos arrived at the restaurant at 6:00 sharp with a large jar of slight green powder.  The boys sat down at a table and ordered dinner.  Buzz immediately asked Amos for the results of his test.  Amos at first played with Buzzsaw by not telling him anything about the test.  But he could not do that for long because he was excited about the results.

   He had given some of the powder to one of the chimps he had in his lab.  The only sign the chimp showed after taking the powder was that the chimp seemed to be more relaxed.  The powder was not toxic.  His top of the line testing of the powder determined that it was not addicting or any more dangerous that aspirin.  He told the boys that in his best analysis the powder would be harmless to take.

   Amos gave Buzzsaw the large jaw of powder explaining he had crushed up all the Lizard Stone Buzzsaw had left with him on their visit.  The powder filled a gallon plastic container.  On the side of the container was a very official looking label identifying the content as Mazennight a powdered Lizard Stone.  Nontoxic, non addicting.

   Buzz stated he would take some Mazennight before going to bed that night.  That was when his pain was the worst.

  Buzz and MELVIN ZWICK retired to their apartment after many rounds of stories. 

   The plan was for Buzz to take some of the Lizard Stone powder with a glass of water.  He then was going to go to bed.  He knew that MELVIN ZWICK also suffered from pain in his legs and hip.  Buzz offered MELVIN some of the powder.    

   They talked about the danger of both taking an untested substance at the same time.  Buzz mentioned that his buddy and shaman, Mazen, told him the powdered Lizard Stone was safe to take orally.  They thought about that then MELVIN remembered Amos had said that all his tests indicated the stuff was not toxic or addicting. 

   It was decided that they both had faith in Mazen and Amos and that both boys would run the test that night.

   The boys prepared for bed.  It was around 21:00 hours when a teaspoon of the powder was added to water and down the hatch it want.

   The boys lay down and were asleep within minutes.

   BUZZ was the first to wake the next morning.  The first thing he noticed was his lack of the usual pain and stiffness.  He was anxious to talk about his night but MELVIN ZWICK was still asleep.

   Buzz entered the kitchen and fixed himself some coffee and oatmeal with honey and yogurt on it. He nervously paced the floor waiting for MELVIN to wake.

   About a hold hour later MELVIN ZWICK made his way into the kitchen.  When he saw Buzz he immediately started talking about his dream he had last night.  Buzz looked at him incredulously and replied that his dream was the same.

  Before they discussed their dreams any further they talked about how they slept and how they felt this morning.  They both stated that they did not wake all night and that they both felt the best they have had in many years.  No aches or pains.  No stiff joints.  They both agreed that the Mazennight they had taken was by far the best pain medicine they had ever had.  Nothing had ever eliminated the pain so deeply.

   Once they finished talking about the great pain reducing and sleep producing effect of Mazennight they talked about their dreams.

   Buzz was first to speak.  He said the last thing he remembered about the last night was lying down and saying the prayer he has said ever since he was a kid.

He said he had the most vivid dream he had ever had in his life.  It was as if he was actually experiencing the actions and not just dreaming them.  He was even more amazed in that MELVIN ZWICK was in his dream.

   MELVIN ZWICK'S eyes grew as big as saucers.  He said he had a vivid dream in which he and Buzz were together in what he felt was actual action.

   The boys thought that it was amazing that their dreams were so vivid but even more amazing that they were in each other’s dream.

   The amazement didn't end there.  MELVIN ZWICK stated that in his dream the boys were old gunfighters who were operating a small gold claim in Wickenburg Arizona.

   Now Buzz's eye got as big as saucers.  He exclaimed that was the same dream he had.  How could that be?

  After a brief discussion it was decided that their dreams were very similar.  Buzz decided that MELVIN ZWICK,  being the better story teller, should describe his dream.  Buzz would interrupt whenever his dream differed from MELVIN ZWICK'S dream.

  So over breakfast MEVIN ZWICK started his story.

  In his dream his was named was Stamp.  Right away Buzz interrupted.  He said that was the name of MELVIN ZWICK in his dream.   He stated that his name in his dream was Deacon.

   MELVIN ZWICK immediately exclaimed that was Buzz's name in his dream.

   So far the dreams were exactly alike.  This was starting to get very fascinating.

   MELVIN ZWICK went on.  He stated that he as Stamp had arrived in Wickenburg around 1863.  He was a gunfighter who was always on the edge of the law.  He had promised himself to hang up his guns and find an honest way to live. 
Wickenburg was known as a gold town with mines opening up throughout the mountains. 

   Stamp knew nothing about mining but took a chance and invested in a mule and a months’ worth of supplies and a shovel, hammer and misc. tools and headed into the hills.

  On his first week out all he found were rattlesnakes and lots of heat.  He didn't even know where to look for gold.

  On the morning of the eight day he was eating breakfast when a rattlesnake came crawling into his camp on the side of a hill.  Stamp drew his pistol and shot the snake dead.  He thought he was a little slow on the draw but still faster than most.  While he was looking at the snake he noted something shinning in the rock behind where the snake was.  Apparently the bullet that ended the snake’s life hit the rock and chipped a small chunk loose.  That snake and bullet were about to change Stamp's life forever.

   Stamp kicked the snake down the hill and squatted down in front of the shiny spot in the rock.  He took out his rock hammer and hammered a chunk of rock with the spot in it loose from the bolder it was part of.

   A closer look at the spot indicated it was gold.  Stamp noticed that the spot behind the removed chunk of rock had even a bigger spot of gold.

   By a shear dumb accident Stamp had found the start of a very profitable gold mine.

  By this time Buzz was sitting in amazement.  He stated that in his dream he was known as Deacon and that he had arrived in Wickenburg about the same time Stamp arrived.  He wanted to settle down.  

   His stated that his troublesome mule had kicked a rock outcrop when a rattlesnake crawled near him.  Deacon shot the snake.  When he bent over to pick up the dead snake he spotted a shiny spot in the Stone outcrop the mule had kicked.

  That called for more coffee and some of Jackson's fabulous monkey bread.

  MELVIN ZWICK continued the story.  He stated that Stamp had heard a gunshot about the same time he shot the snake.  He gave it no mind as gunshots were common in rattlesnake country.

  Stamp immediately took action to stake out his claim.  When the local mine marking was done he loaded up his mule and started into Wickenburg to register his claim.

   On his way to town he ran into a fellow named Deacon who was on his way to town to register his claim.  As they talked they realized that they both had the same background and were looking for the same thing.  By the time they reached Wickenburg there were very good friends.

   They also realized that they were about to stake gold claims on adjacent sides of the same hill.   It didn't take long for them to realize that it was in both their interest to stake their claims together.  That way they could be partners protecting each other’s back and could work together to claim their gold.

  The area around Wickenburg was awash with gold fever.  The Vulture gold mine had just been opened by Henry Wickenburg the fellow who found the claim. The main area where all the gold prospecting was happening was at least 30 miles from the boys claim.

  Once they registered their claim the locals took to calling them foolish tenderfeet and greenhorns with not an ounce of smarts.  Everyone knew there was no gold in the hills they registered their claim in.  They all said the only gold they found must be fool’s gold.

   The local’s evaluation of their claim suited the boy’s just fine.  No one would waste their time trying to jump their claim.
   Work on the claim began just as soon as the boys got back on site.  They had two projects.  One was to build a cabin and the other was to start collecting their gold.  They would work on the cabin in the morning and work the claim in the afternoon.  They would sleep under the stars and hope it didn't rain until the cabin was finished.

   The walls of the cabin were built of rock they found in the area.  They noted that some of the rock contained gold flakes. 

   There was a gushing spring about a mile up the canyon from their claim.  The water poured down a gully below their hill but still on their claim.  The water traveled about a mile before going underground.

   The boys discussed the fastest way to get the gold off the claim.  Deacon mentioned that he heard gold can be washed down into a gully from a vein on a hill side.  They thought they might try panning the stream first before trying to dig the gold out of the hill.

   They squatted down next to the stream and started digging up dirt and putting it into a pan.  A little rocking of the pan in the water washes the dirt away.  Gold being heavy settles to the bottom of the pan.

   In minutes Stamp let out a whoop and holler.  He had found a gold nugget the size of his thumb.  Seconds later Deacon did the same.  They got together and looked at their prize.  They both dropped the nuggets in their coat pocket and went back to work.

  Buzz interrupted MELVIN'S and exclaimed his dream was the same. 

  MELVIN ZWICK in astonishment continued the story.

   After about six days they quit putting gold in their jacket pockets.  They sewed up some canvas sacks and started placing their gold findings in them.

   It didn't take them too many months before they had a couple thousand ounces of the bright golden metal in several canvas sacks.

  One night while eating the last of their beans with some venison they got to talking about selling the claim and buying a cattle ranch.  The gold they had found would be more than enough to pay for a ranch and sustain them for many years.

  That night the decision was made to move on.  The next day the boys would strap on their six guns, load up their mules and head into town to cash in.

   The next day they took their sacks of gold into town.  With a little braggadocio they went to the saloon and showed the towns people the results of their find.  They were no longer called idiots.  In fact everyone wanted to be their best buddies.

   The boys bought a round of drinks for everyone.
  They took their gold directly to the local assay office.  He offered to give them gold coins equal to 65% of the value of their gold dust and nuggets.  MELVIN ZWICK the excellent haggler said he didn't like that exchange and stepped into the negotiation.  He said that was not enough for their gold and all the work they did in gathering it.  The Assayer said he would give the 70%.  MELVIN shook his head and backed away a little.  The trade value was increased to 75%.      

   MELVIN grabbed their sacks of gold and turned and started to walk towards the door saying to Buzz let's go to the exchange at the saloon.  I'm sure we can get more for our gold there. 

  Before MELVIN got to the door the Assayer shouted out, “You’re killing me.”  I can’t stand it but I will do 80%.

  That amount was agreed to. 

   The boys took their gold coins and headed towards their cabin.

  On the way to their cabin though town they discussed how to protect their new found wealth.  They knew that the best way to keep robbers from hassling them was to intimidate them.  The best way to do that was to challenge all the town folks to a fast draw pistol match. 

   The plan was to head for the local bar, drink a little and pretend to be a little drunk and offer 100 dollars to whoever was the fastest on the draw.

   Six of the local ruffians took up the challenge.

   Stamp, Deacon and the six ruffians went outside.  The saloon cleared.  No one wanted to miss the action.

  A large crowd of Wickenburg residents gathered around the contestants.  A couple of kids were sent to get residents back off the street because bullets might be whizzing their way.

   The contest would be drawing and shooting at bottles thrown into the air.  Anyone missing a bottle before it hit the ground would be eliminated.

   The first round saw all eight hitting their targets.  The second round saw four missing and dropping out.  That left Stamp, Deacon and two others still in the competition.

  Stamp and Deacon reloaded after each trial.  After five rounds the boys suggests shooting at coins. 

  The sixth round found Deacon and Stamp being the only ones hitting coins.  The remaining two ruffians were eliminated.

   Stamp and Deacon decided they did not need to finish the match so they called the contest a draw.
  The last two ruffians were angry about being beaten by a couple of greenhorns.  They thought they were faster on the draw.  They challenged Deacon and Stamp to a real face off.  A shoot out to the death in the streets of Wickenburg.  They were calling the boys cowards and ladies.

   Deacon would face one ruffian and Stamp would face the other.

   The boys refused.  They headed to the saloon offering to buy the guys some drinks.

    The offer infuriated the ruffians who would not stand down.  The crowd made up mostly of their buddies was egging them on.  It was obvious the ruffians just might draw and shoot the boys in the back then steal their gold coins.

   Stamp mentioned that they had no alternative but to face the ruffians.

  So it was back to the center of the street.

  The faceoff was at about 26 yards.  The combatants would draw and fire the instant a beer mug thrown into the air hit the ground between them.

   The local sheriff threw up the mug.  It hit the ground and two shots rang out and two town bullies hit the dirt.  They drew fast but never fired a shot.  The boy’s skills with their pistols saved the day for themselves.  And maybe a little stupidity on the ruffian’s part helped.   They forgot to reload their pistols after the bottle and coin shoot out.

   The boys never admitted that they counted on the ruffian’s stupidity to enter the face off with empty guns.

   The boys reloaded and headed to the saloon where they announced their claim was up for sale.  Three of the town's financial big shots said they would buy the claim.

   That afternoon the boys and three money guys went to the claim. 

   The boys showed the city fellows the gold outcrop and showed the results of one pan of dirt.

  The bidding war began.  It finally ended at $100,000.

  In town the transfer of claim was completed after the boys had $100,000 in gold coins transferred to an account in their name in a bank in San Francisco.

  The boys felt with all their wealth they needed to disappear immediately.

  They returned to their cabin to collect their belongings.

  They had bought several horses and pack gear.  Their plan was to pack up and leave at midnight.  The late hour of leaving was to hide their route away from the mine.

   They would head to Texas where there was plenty of land to be had for a cattle ranch. 

   The boys just sat down for dinner after the horses were packed.

  The door burst open and three Mexican bandits entered with guns drawn. 

   They demanded the gold the boys must have hidden. 

   Stamp told the bandits they had cashed in all their gold and had the fund transferred to a band in San Francisco.  The bandits didn't buy that.  The leader, whose name was Lino walked up to Deacon and punched him in the face knocking him to the floor. 

   Deacon picked himself up and angrily said the boys did not have any money.  He wanted to return the punch to Lino but facing three guns put a damper on his anger for the time being.  Not only that he knew what the future held for the Lino and his two gun toting buddies.

   Stamp casually started eating as Lino became ballistic.  He threatened to start carving Stamp and Deacon into little pieces as he drew his large knife.

   Stamp casually suggested the bandits sit down and have a bite to eat and discuss the gold.  He suggested that Deacon should warm up some beans and venison.  He knew Deacon would get the real meaning of his statement.

   Lino shouted we don't need no stinking food.  One of his buddies protested saying he was starving and sat down at the table opposite Stamp.

  Deacon walked to the wood pile saying he would warm up some food. 

  An instant later three bandits left this world to meet their maker.

  Deacon drew the pistol he had hidden in the wood pile, turned and shot Lino in the head.  Stamp drew the pistol he had hidden under the table and shot the bandit seated at the table across from him.  They both shot the remaining bandit.  It was over in an instant.  Three bandits would be meeting St Peter at the pearly gates that night.

   That's where the dream ended. 

   Buzz could not believe it.  His dream was exactly the same as the dream MELVIN had just told.  They both were in the same dream.

  It was as if they had been joined in their dream.  Was it caused by Mazennight the powdered Lizard Stone they had taken the night before?   More investigation needed to be done.
The boys could not wait to tell Jackson and Rocky about the dreams.  They would tell Carlos about their dreams as they rode with him on the way to the restaurant.

  On the way to the restaurant they called Amos and asked him to meet them at the restaurant.  They had some important news about Mazennight.

   Carlos dropped the boys off at the restaurant saying he had to take care of some business.  He would meet them at the restaurant in about two hours.

   Buzz told the gathering about the dreams the boys had had.  He gave a brief description about the gold find, the sale of the claim and the bandits that met their end trying to rob the boys.

   Everyone was amazed by the story.

    There was much discussion as what to do next.  It was decided that everyone but Buzz and MELVIN ZWICK would take some Mazennight that night.  The results would be discussed the next morning.

   Rocky broke into the discussion with another addition to the boys dream story.  She showed everyone the heading of a newspaper.  It said that three Mexicans had been found dead in a rundown cabin at an old mine near Wickenburg.  The mine originally belonged to two fellows who sold the claim in 1874 and disappeared.    

   The details indicated that one had been shot in the head, one shot in the chest and the other shot two times.  The fellow shot in the head was identified as Lino Garazza.  There was no motive for the shootings except maybe a drug deal gone badly.  Garazza was known to have ties to drugs. 

   The caliber of the bullets that killed the three was rather strange and unique.  The bullets were .44 caliber balls probably fired from 1860-1873 Colt Army revolvers.  The three dead guys were carrying very old Colt Army revolvers.  Rather strange weapons to carry when there so many new types of firearms on the market.

   Evidence in the cabin indicated that the three dead fellows were probably the losers of a gun fight.

   The headlines and the article shocked the boys.  Were these three shootings the result of their dreams?  Everyone said it must be a coincidence.  But no one was convinced of that statement.
   MELVIN reminded Buzz that his buddy had shown them a cabin on a gold claim that was discovered by two old gunfighters and how the two had sold their claim and disappeared.  Could it be the cabin they had seen was the cabin in their dreams and the cabin the three dead fellows were found in?

  Everyone read the article again. 

  After reading the article again Buzz said the description of the cabin and its location sure matched the cabin they had been shown and the cabin in their dream.  MELVIN ZWICK agreed.

   Buzz told MELVIN it might be a good idea to review their actions the night before.  Was it possible they drove back to Wickenburg and somehow were instrumental in the shooting of the three fellows? 

  It would take at least two hours to drive to Wickenburg then another hour to drive to the cabin.  Then it would take another three hours for the return trip.

  The boys went to bed at 21:00 hours (9:00 PM) and awoke around 8:00.  That gave them eleven hours to drive to the Cabin in Wickenburg shoot the three fellows and drive back to Carlos’s cabin and still have time to sleep.

  Jackson asked where would Buzz and MELVIN get the pistols used in the shooting.  Working 1860-1873 Colt Army revolvers are very rare. 

   Someone mentioned that Carlos had a several rare pistols in his collection. 

Carlos said he had two working 1860-1873 Colt Army revolvers in his collection. 

  Buzz mentioned that Carlos has shown the two pistols to both he and MELVIN.

  Everyone grew silent.  Was it possible the boys shot the three Mexicans?  They had plenty of time to travel to the cabin in Wickenburg meet the three Mexicans and then shoot them with Carlos’s pistols.

  There were three Mexican found shot in the same manner as in the dream.  They were shot with the same type of revolvers they were carrying in the dream.  One fellows name was the same as in the dream and they were found in the same spot in Wickenburg as in the dream.  There were way too many similarities between the newspaper account and the boys dream.  Coincidence?  They didn't think so and that gave them all a chill.

  This Mazennight stuff started to take on a sinister look. 

  Everyone was sitting in silence when Carlos arrived.  He was quickly brought up to date about the shooting of the three Mexicans and the fear that Buzz and MELVIN might have be responsible for the shooting. 

  Carlos let out a big shocked what?  With that he gained the attention of everyone seated at the table.  He realized he was the center of attention.  He knew something everyone else did not know.  He thought he just might play along with everyone for a while.

  Carlos chuckling inside said let me get this straight.  Everyone here thinks that last night Buzz and MELVIN took my two 1860-1873 Colt Army revolvers and my truck and drove to an old mine cabin in Wickenburg and met three Mexicans and shot them.  Don’t we think we should call the police?  Buzz and MELVIN might be killers.

  That started everyone buzzing.  No one believed Buzz would be involved in anything like the shooting of the three Mexicans.  His shooting days were over.  But then no one knew MELVIN ZWICK that well.  Maybe he might do something like the shooting of the Mexicans.

  The group discussed what to do.  It was decided that the Police should be called.  They were the ones who could sort all this stuff out.

  Carlos was laughing inside as he listened to all the discussion.  He knew that in an instant he could put all their fears to rest but he remembered his days as a roommate with Jackson and Buzz and thought this situation was just ripe for getting even.

  Rocky took out her cell phone and said she knew she had to call the police even though it was not want she wanted to do.

  Carlos grabbed her cell phone as he gave out a big belly laugh and spoke up.  He said not to worry.  There were several reasons the boys could not have done the deed.

 One.  Last night around midnight there were several coyotes howling near his front door.  He grabbed his rifle and headed out to check to see what the commotion was.  He was afraid the coyotes might be bothering his dogs.

  As he returned to the house he noticed the truck had a flat tire.  He figured it was too late to change it then.  He could change it in the morning.  He changed it around 5:00 the next morning. 

  The boys did not have transportation to go to Wickenburg.  Not only that but he had taken the firing pins out of his 1860-1873 Colt Army revolvers several years ago.  He did not want to take the chance anyone would fire his highly collectable treasures.

  Then there was the alarm system he had in his home and buildings.  If the boys had opened the door of the cabin the alarm would have gone off.  If they opened a window the alarm would have gone off.  The alarm never went off last night.

  Carlos had another good belly laugh.  He had just let the group sweat out the shooting of the three Mexicans and the possibility of their best Buddy Buzz and MELVIN were the shooters.

  The joke playing between Buzz, Carlos and Jackson just had another chapter added to their camaraderie. It was Carlos’s turn to make his buddies sweat.

   Everyone let out a big sigh of relief. 
  After much discussion everyone agreed it would be safe to test Mazennight that night.  They all would take a teaspoon of the Mazennight just before they went to bed.  Then they would compare their results the next morning.

   The next morning they all gathered at Jackson's for a great breakfast.   They were all anxious to tell their results but agreed to enjoy the meal first.

  After the meal Jackson said he awoke feeling better than he had for many years but he was disappointed in that he did not dream.  Everyone else who took Mazennight agreed that they had the same experience.  They all felt great but were all disappointed in that none had any vivid dreams.

   None had any idea why there was a difference between Buzz and MELVIN'S experience and all the rest of the group.  It just didn't make any sense.

   No one had any suggestions as to what to do next.  There was some though that Buzz and MELVIN should duplicate the experience.  Buzz and MELVIN though that might be a way to check the effect of Mazennight but they felt it was not good to waste the healing effect of Mazennight until they were experiencing pain again.

  The one thing all agreed on was Buzz's need to deliver the load he had on his truck.  Any more tests would have to wait until that project was completed.  They asked Amos if he would try to identify the two unknown compounds that were in Mazennight.  He said it would be a great challenge that he would love to take on.

   So it was that Buzz took 3 pints the Mazennight he had and gave 2 pints to Jackson and one pint to Carlos.  He gave Amos about a half pound of raw Stone.  Buzz still has 9 pounds of raw Lizard Stone.

   Carlos said he would look for more Lizard Stone. 

   All agreed that no one would take any Mazennight unless they were in serious pain until it makeup was better known and the results could be predicted.

   All felt sad as Buzz and MELVIN left the restaurant and climbed aboard the truck.      They might not see the boys for a while.

   They were about an hour down the road when MELVIN had a runny nose.  He reached into his coat pocket to get a paper towel to blow his nose.  He felt something like heavy rocks in the pocket.  He picked out the largest chunk and brought it out into the open.  He was shocked when he saw what the chunk was.  He recognized it as the first gold nugget he had panned from the stream on their claim.   He saw the same crease in the nugget he was holding that he saw in the first nugget he had found.

   He mentioned it to Buzz.  Buzz being a safe driver pulled to the side of the road.   Once the truck was parked he reached into his pocket and pulled out a large chunk of gold.  He was amazed when he looked at it.  It was the same nugget he had panned from their streaming in his dream.  He pointed to a small depression in the first nugget he had found.  He remembered that depression because he could see the details of the rock that had made it.

   They both reached into their jacket pocket and pulled out around 10 large nuggets of gold.  Each of the boys was holding about 10 ounces of gold nuggets that were exactly the ones they had found in their dreams.

   It took Buzz about an hour before he felt settled enough to drive again.  He had encountered many very stressful events during his service as a Navy Seal but none quite as shocking as finding gold nuggets in your pocket that you had found in your dreams several nights before.

  The boys agreed that they had found something very strange and that it needed more investigation.

  As they drove into California they were still talking about their experience.  MELVIN ZWICK the great thinker had a brilliant idea.  Why don't the boys summarize all the events?  He would make a table of the events on his I-Pad.  Maybe that would lead to a reason for the different results the group had while taking Mazennight.

   And so it went.  As the boys thought of an action MELVIN would add it to his table.  When they could think of no more action items they started to review the table.

   Buzz was the first to hear of the effects of powdered Lizard Stone.  His very close buddy and shaman told him of its benefits

   Only Buzz and MELVIN had any vivid dreams.  None of the others had vivid dreams after taking Mazennight.

   Mazen never mentioned the possibility of vivid dreams.

   Mazen never mentioned exactly where the Lizard Stone would be found.

   The Mazennight had two compounds Amos was not able to identify.

   All he group took Mazennight and went to sleep in the quarters.

   The boys took the Mazennight while in Carlos's cabin.

   Carlos said the Lizard Stone was found while adding on a sleeping quarters to his extra cabin.

   MELVIN said wait a minute.  Is it possible that we had the vivid dreams after taking Mazennight while we were sleeping over where the Lizard Stone was found?  Nome of the others were sleeping over the original spot and none had vivid dreams.  We were the only ones with vivid dreams.

  Could it be that the dreams have something to do with the closeness to the original source of the Stone?

   The boys would not be able to investigate that possibility until they returned to Quartzsite. 

   Buzz said that after they deliver the current load he would attempt to schedule a haul that would take them back to Quartzsite.  Unfortunately that didn't happen.
   The boys decided that they should remain together.  Buzz offered to sell MELVIN 1/2 of his trucking business.  Buzz said there was enough business for two drivers. 

  Federal law limits the hours a driver can be on the road.  With two drivers the truck could be on the road 24/7.  One driver could sleep while the truck was driven by the other driver.  They both agreed it would be a perfect arrangement.

  MELVIN ZWICK accepted the offer.  He would provide the necessary funds to buy 1/2 interest in the trucking business.

  The load was delivered and a new one taken on.  Unfortunately the new trip would not take them near Quartzsite. 

  The boys delivered many loads up and down the West coast during the next three weeks before they finally were headed back to Quartzsite. 

   During that time they took Mazennight three times.  The excellent pain relief was the same each time but there were no vivid dreams.

  They were very excited to discuss their thoughts with the rest of the group. 

  Buzz had called ahead and had asked Jackson if he could gather the entire group at his place for dinner.  Buzz and MELVIN would arrive around 16:00 hours.  Jackson said he would take care of the invites and would also put up the saw horses around the parking spot.

  Buzz and MELVIN arrived at 16:23.  They entered the restaurant to the usually hugs and emotional greetings.  This time MELVIN was included in the greeting.

  Buzz was very anxious to tell the group about the conclusions he and MELVIN had come to.  He figured some of the group could test the conclusions that very night.

  The first thing Buzz told that group was that he and MELVIN were now partners in their trucking firm.  Every one gave a long round of applause and congratulations.

  The next thing Buzz told the group was how they had found around 10 ounces of gold nuggets in their coat pocket.  The same nuggets they had panned out of the stream in their dreams.

    That brought a shout of amazement from the group.  Buzz and MELVIN showed the group the first nuggets they had found in their dreams.  They were now pendants hanging on gold chains that were made from the other gold nuggets they had found.


    As soon as all were seated around the table Buzz took no time to state that he and MELVIN thought they might have a clue on why only he and MELVIN had had such vivid dreams.

   He reminded everyone that he and MELVIN had stayed in Carlos's cabin the night of their vivid dreams.  He then said that Carlos had told them that he had found the Lizard Stone while digging the foundation for the sleeping quarters of the cabin. 

  He then told the group that he and MELVIN think that only those who sleep over the original location of the Lizard Stone would have vivid dreams after taking Mazennight. 

   He said that some of the group should stay in Carlos's cabin and take Mazennight tonight to test their theory.


  Buzz and MELVIN waited for the group’s response.  All they saw were very saddened faces.


   MELVIN looked at everyone’s faces and asked what was wrong. 


   Carlos spoke up.  He said that two weeks ago a sever rain storm washed the mountain out from under his cabin.  They found parts of his cabin 25 miles downstream.  The whole side of the mountain where the cabin had been built on was washed away.  There was now a hole about 30 feet deep where the original Stone was found.  The strange thing about the storm was that it was mainly above his buildings.

   He thought for a minute then said when he took Mazennight he was sleeping about 100 feet from where the Stone was found but he never had a vivid dream.

   If the boy’s theory was correct the vivid dreams would only come when the person taking Mazennight was sleeping over the original spot.

  The boy’s theory would never be able to be tested.  The original spot where the Stone was found was now scattered 30 miles down the wash.

   The group was silent for a considerable amount of time.

  Carlos spoke up and added another weird chapter to the puzzle of the Lizard Stone.  He said he bought the land from a family whose ancestors had homesteaded the property. 

   When he was searching through the land holding records at the County Recorder’s office looking for land to buy he found the homestead record of the land he eventually bought.

  He forgot that there was a weird statement written on the land grant record by the homesteader.

  The homesteader wrote on the land registration papers that one night when he was camping after looking for land to homestead he was shaken by a weird petrifying occurrence.  A large whirling disk with lights on the edge came down from the sky and hovered above the land next to his campsite.  It looked like the disk was resting on a pedestal of brilliant light that shown from the disk to the ground.  The light was causing the land to smoke.  He hid in fear behind a rock until the disk shot into the air and disappeared.  The spot where the column of light hit the ground was glowing.

   He continued to write that after the fear left he walked to the glowing spot.  The glow was slowly leaving.  It was too dark to see the spot after the glow was gone. 

   The next morning he checked the spot again.  There was a very large green Stone where the glow had been.

  The homesteader took the incident as a sign that he should homestead the land around the green Stone.

   Carlos said he didn't find the green Stone when he first checked out the land.  He forgot all about it until he dug it up when he dug the foundation for the bedroom addition he added to his guest cabin.

  The spot of the Stone was right under the new bedroom.

  That caused everyone the stare in amazement.  Maybe Buzz and MELVIN were on to something.  But the theory would never be able to be tested.  The location of the Stone was scattered all the way down the stream bed.

   Then Amos spoke up.  He had a great big grin on his face.  He said all is not lost.  He had finally broken down the chemical makeup of the two unknown ingredients of Mazennight.  The group should be delighted to know he had taken out a patent in the name of the group on the ingredients and the process he used to create Mazennight in his lab.  That gave the group exclusive rights to Mazennight.  No one could produce Mazennight without their permission.

  He sent a sample of lab created Mazennight to Sam a very good friend of his who is in a top Pharmaceutical company.   Sam was head of the pain control department of the company.  He had a strong interest in pain control.  He had broken his back in a skiing accident and was in constant pain.

  Amos told Sam to take a teaspoon of the powder he had sent him.

  The next morning Sam called him and excitingly exclaimed he was free of pain for the first time in years.

  Amos said he had negotiated a contract with Sam's Pharmaceutical Company.  In return for information about Mazennight's patented ingredients and the manufacturing process the company paid the group several million dollars. 

   He opened up his brief case and took out some paper.  He gave Buzz, MELVIN, Jackson, Rocky and Carlos checks for $500,000.

  It turned out that the two compounds did not fall under the FDA guide lines.  Mazennight could be sold over the counter like vitamins and herbs.

   Once the Pharmaceutical Company put the equivalent of Mazennight on the market the group would be getting royalties on the sales.

  At that the group gave out many loud shouts.  The customers in the restaurant must have thought the group was a bunch of crazies.

  Jackson went to work in the kitchen and within minutes served the best Indian fried bread smothered in beans and cheese along with great tamales to the group.

  MELVIN suggested that the whole group should share in Carlos's loss and help to rebuild his home and cabin.  The suggestion was approved by the group by a loud shout.  Jackson placed his right fist thumb up over the table.  Buzz grabbed Jackson’s thumb and raised his thumb.  MELVIN then Carlos then Amos then Rocky joined in the hand shake. 

  Rocky asked Buzz and MELVIN about their plans. 

  Buzz said, I want to clear up a few things in my home in California then I will go to Afghanistan and get Mazen’s ashes.  Mazen had no relatives.  It is only fitting that as close as we were his remains should come to my home in California.  I was the only family he had.”

  MELVIN said he would travel with Buzz to California then continue on with his adventures.  He also said he would never forget his new found friends. It had been quite an adventure.      

  All was well with the group.