Saturday, January 25, 2014


   GRANDPA  here. Many of you who read this blog may wonder where Melvin Zwick came from.  Well he was born around 1961 when I sent my brother a photo of me on stage at the Baboquivaris and he wrote this typical Phooey Ralph flyer.  I had always wanted to write stories but my grammar was not the best.  When I started having Grandkids I got the desire to write stories for them.  So Grandpa took on the pen name of MELVIN ZWICK.  Melvin Zwick takes blame for all the poor grammar.  Only problem with him is that he thinks he can be anything and do anything and he is a little braggadocios.   

  Note I, GRANDPA, will always write in italics and in blue letters.




  1. so wait, did phooey Ralph come up with Melvin Zwick?

  2. He is the one that invented him but Melvin Zwick left Phooey
    Ralph and moved in with Grandpa.

  3. No wonder...I bet Grandpa was a lot more fun to hang out with than Phooey Ralph! LOL Grandpa has lots of adventures!