Thursday, June 13, 2013

  Little Cleopatra, alias Mischief, is settling in pretty well.  She is buddy buddies with Grandma.  When Mischief wants any attention she will jump up on the coffee table and meow to Grandma.  She jumps on the couch when Grandma invites over.  Mischief rolls over on her back and lets Grandma pet her on the belly.  I can pet her sometimes but even that is getting better.

  She is quite entertaining.  She is now one year old but is still very much a kitten. 

She runs all over the house.  Sometimes she is chasing a ball and other times she is just chasing wind.  She seems to love to jump.  She can jump up on the back of the love seat from standing start. 
When Mischief misbehaves she is scolded. She goes in the corner and pouts.  Not.  Mischief found a very small bug in the corner.  She spent several minutes staring at it.
   A true nature of cats.  They will lay down on anything that belongs to us.  Here Mischief is joining Pepe on Grandma’s kitting bag.  Nothing of Grandma’s knitting stuff on the coffee table off limits to Pepe.

  But then we are both the cat’s servants.  Anything we think is ours really belongs to Pepe and Mischief.  They are the masters of the house.  They just let us think we are. 

   Another shot of Pepe and Grandma’s knitting bag.  Now that he has found the knitting bag he will follow it wherever it goes.

  This is her scratching board.  At least that is what she thinks.  It used to be Pepe’s.  She attacks poor old Pepe whenever he is on it.

Mischief is growing but is still much smaller than Pepe.  Her extra long length is deceiving though.  It makes her look big. 
Pepe waiting to be attacked by Mischief. 

  The aftermath of her attack.  Pepe is a real gentleman.  He does not fight back when he is attacked.  Because of that he gets pestered many times a day. 


    This ball is Mischief’s favorite toy.  She chasses it all over the house.  Recently she has been rolling it to Grandma or me expecting us to roll it back to her.

 They are very good buddies once Mischief stops teasing Pepe.