Monday, March 11, 2013

Grandma and I have finally broken the ice and been able to stroke Mischief. She has to be half asleep and on the end of the couch before we can touch her. She is so very soft.

She love to lay next to him when they sleep. She is just a little thing compared to the Big Moose Pepe.

Mischief has taken to jumping on Poor Senior Citizen Pepe. He puts up with it until he is on his scratching pad. When she bothers him there she gets a licking. 
The other day Pepe was in my lap getting a few strokes. She jumped up next to him. I could not touch her but it was a pleasure to have her so close.

How in the world could a person not love this cute kitty with the extremely bushy tail.  She has been very entertaining. She has several large balls she chases around the house.  Its a wonder she does not break herself as she chases a ball into a wall.  A tile floor does not provide much grip for stopping.








  1. Wow Grandpa you have a lot of new things on this blog! I am enjoying reading it and looking at all of the pictures of the kitties. Mischief sure is an adorable kitty :-)

    Love you so very much!

  2. That's great that Mischief is coming around to realize the good thing she's been missing in all your petting. Before long she'll have a complete transformation just as Pepe did. What do you think Pepe will do when she comes so far as to climb into your lap for her petting? :-) She sounds quite entertaining with her play and interacting with Pepe. I'm happy ya'll are really enjoying her antics and company. And yes, she sure does have an awesome bushy tail! She really is cute!