Tuesday, February 19, 2013

  Our new kitten, Cleopatra is very curious but a little confused.  She thinks there are people in the TV set.  She has tried to find those people by getting behind the cabinet.

  She charged the TV set when there was a barking dog running across the screen.

  Needless she keeps us laughing.
  Cleopatra, alias Mischief, just lays there looking cute giving the impression she wants to be picked up.  We have tried to pet her but if we touch one hair on her little body she panics and runs back to her bedroom.  However she will allow us to stroke her tail.  Strange, very strange.

Pepe our senior citizen is doing will putting up with her pushing and shoving.  She just moved right into Pepe’s space.  Eventually they settle down a bit with him licking her face or her licking his face.

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