Thursday, April 4, 2013


Grandpa told me, MELVIN ZWICK, that several years ago he went to a cement plant in Macon, Georgia to work on starting up a control system he designed. As usual Grandpa did his usual thing and took lots of pictures.

Grandpa had the film developed when he got back from the job site. He laid the photos out on his desk at work. He noticed a funny thing in one of the photos. This photo is shown below.
Robyn and Kelley got a cold chill when they listened to Grandpa tell them the story about this photograph.

Can Grandpa’s young detectives find what in the photograph gave their mothers a cold chill?
 The answer will be shown further down this letter. Be sure to read to THE END.
Grandpa told his daughters how he had taken photos of the cement plant he was working at.
He mentioned that the workers there told him about a cement plant worker who while working at the top of a ladder fell, hit his head and died. The workers told Grandpa that the dead workers ghost still lives at the plant. They told Grandpa that he might find a picture of the workers ghost in one of the photos he was taking.
 Grandpa told me, MELVIN ZWICK, that he told this story to his daughters after he showed them the photo shown above.

Have Grandpa’s young detectives found what gave their mother a cold chill?





























Does that look like a face? Is he looking at the ladder from which he fell? And what about the ladder? Did you all get a cold chill after hearing the story and seeing the picture.

Grandpa got a great big laugh from the reaction of his daughters. Grandpa told me, MELVIN ZWICK, that he bets he would have gotten a big laugh at the reaction of his grandkids when they read his story about the worker and saw the face in the photo.
Grandpa told me, MELVIN ZWICK, that the photo is real and not modified in any way.
The cement plant was a very old plant. There was cement dust and solidified cement everywhere. You can see cement everywhere in the photo. Look at how thick the lower steps of the ladder are. That is caused by solidified cement dust.

What looks like a face is cement dust on a light bulb. There is no ghost. The story about the worker falling is totally made up by Grandpa.
Shame on you Grandpa.




  1. Haha! That is funny that your story scared the girls so badly! I'm glad to hear that nobody really fell and killed themselves. That would probably be a painful way to die...but only for a few seconds lol
    You've done it again Melvin Zwick. :-)
    Love you!!!!

  2. A biting wind howls, and the moon, hidden behing a thick canopy of dark clouds, fails to illuminate the dark figure lurking behind the ladder. Only his face can be seen, peeking out in a haunting way from his dark cloak. Who could this figure be? From the looks of his pale face, he might not be from this world at all . . .

    Okay, so it was just a wierd quirk in an old picture, but on the other hand,you can never be sure . . .

    Love You!